Road Rage Attack On Mother at McDonald’s Drive-Thru Caught On Camera

Richmond, CALIF. – (Richmond PD) – Detectives are requesting assistance to identify the suspect of a violent, unprovoked attack against a mother and her young children.

On Saturday, February 5th, 2022 at approximately 12:16PM, the victim entered the McDonald’s drive-thru at 2301 MacDonald Avenue, with her children in the car. The suspect accused the victim of cutting in line, and rammed her car into the victim’s vehicle.

When the victim got out of her car, the suspect drove directly toward the victim, striking and dragging her across the parking lot for more than 150 feet before stopping.


The suspect then got out of the car and punched the victim several times as she remained on the ground, before quickly fleeing the scene.

Investigators believe this incident was an unprovoked attack upon the victim and her children.


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  1. Well, shouldn’t be long. I mean if it were a black victim and white aggressor the internet would dox them and they’d be out of a job and kids beaten in school…. remind me again about this “privilege” I hear so much about.

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