Rod Stewart Predicts ‘The End of Civilization as We Know It,’ if Ukraine Loses War with Russia

In a recent interview, iconic rock star Rod Stewart urged UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to help with the country’s fight against the Russian invasion – and issued a dire warning.

“If I’m going to get political, I think we should send the Ukrainians some F-16s. That’s up to you, prime minister,” Stewart said in an interview with Sky News published last Thursday.

Stewart said that he wished he had the ability to send the F-16s, and that he’s been a long-time, vocal supporter of the Ukrainian people:

“I’ve been supporting them for years, the Ukrainians. On stage, I have a flag and I wear a blue and yellow suit and do a song and dedicate it to them.”

“I feel very strongly about it,” Stewart said, warning that a Ukrainian loss would have catastrophic consequences – not just for the country, but for the world:

“If the Ukrainians lose, it’s the end of civilization as we know it. It’s all over.

“So, F-16s, please.”



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