Rogan, Greenwald, Taibbi Warn: Media Turned Musk from ‘Savior’ to ‘Hitler-Like Figure’ – And You Could Be Next

“True,” Twitter Owner Elon Musk agreed Wednesday, retweeting video and analysis of Journalist Glenn Greenwald, Podcaster Joe Rogan and Author Taibbi describing how the corporate media switched from praising Musk to portraying him as a Hitler-like figure – and how they’ll do the same to anyone who even slightly dissents from their ideology.

Musk retweeted Greenwald’s retweet of a video clip from Rogan’s recent interview with Taibbi, one of the publishers of the Twitter Files exposing the coordinated censorship and propaganda misdeeds of the giant social media platform, prior to Musk’s purchase.

“The corporate media’s ability to — overnight — turn anyone who dissents in any way into some sort of fascist or even Hitler-like figure, and then have millions of their followers go around mindlessly repeating it, is both impressive and chilling,” Greenwald said in his retweet.

In the interview, Rogan describes how completely the media’s characterization of Musk has deteriorated:

“There’s an amazing amount of resistance against him. Just the publicity campaign against him has been fascinating to watch. People go from thinking Elon Musk is a savior that’s bringing us these amazing electric cars and engineering new, reusable rockets to ‘He’s an alt-right piece of sh*t who wants Donald Trump back in office.’”

Taibbi agreed, warning of “The speed with which they can shuffle somebody into the Hitler of the month club.”


The media have “a playbook for cranking out negative information” about its enemies, including Rogan, Taibbi explained:

“They did it with Trump, obviously. They try to do it with Tucker Carlson. With you. You got a taste of that a few times.”

“The narrative has spread through progressive people, where they’ll just say it, now,” Rogan said, noting how blindly people accept – and thoughtlessly parrot without justification – the media’s negative portrayal of its enemies, like Musk:

“They don’t have an example. They just have this narrative that reached them, this signal, like: ‘Elon bad now. Elon bad now. Elon bad now. Elon bad now.’”


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