San Diego skaters bash dog trainer unconscious with boards claiming it was their 'day to be there'

A pair of San Diego skateboarders knocked a dog trainer unconscious while they were at the skate park. The skaters allegedly said it was because it was their “day to be there.” 

According to a report from the San Diego Crime Stoppers, on June 21, the dog trainer, Jay, was in the park with a client, a friend, and the client’s dog when they were approached by a few skaters. 

“Approximately 100 to 200 skateboarders came into the park as they had been skateboarding in the area for ‘Skate Day,'” the report indicates.  

A skateboarder and his friend walked up to Jay and the client and told them “to leave the park because it was the skateboarders’ day to be there,” San Diego Police Officer Mark Herring said.  

“I was just kind of trying to defend myself,” Jay said. “There is a whole park here. We can share this space.”  


The skaters approached Jay and the client, intimidating them by skating close to them and the dog. After trying to flee the skaters knocked Jay unconscious with their skateboards.  

“I tried to shove my way out,” Jay said. “After that they smacked me over the back of my head with a skateboard. It was free for all.” 

Jay, who is trans-identifying, claimed that while the attack was not provoked by the lifestyle choice, the attacking skaters began using slurs in an effort to insult.  

Park rangers came to Jay’s aid immediately after. 

The two suspect skaters then fled the scene before the police arrived and Jay was transported to a local hospital. 

One suspect was described as around 18 years old with curly blond-and-brown hair. The other was around the same age and build, also with curly blond hair. 

The police said other skaters may have been involved in the incident, but they are looking for these two specifically.  

Jay’s friend, client, and the dog were not injured or there during the attack.

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