SBA Pro-Life America Denounces NPR Audio of Woman Undergoing an Abortion

(CNS News) – The Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America organization called out the “brutal truth about abortion” after National Public Radio (NPR), funded by taxpayers, released a recording on-air of a woman undergoing an abortion.

“This heartbreaking audio exposes the brutal truth about abortion – the destruction of unborn children and exploitation of their mothers for profit,” SBA Pro-Life American President Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a news release.

“We can just imagine the last moments of the unborn child, who has a beating heart by six weeks, is forming unique fingerprints by 10 weeks, and can feel excruciating pain at least by 15 weeks,” she said. “And we may never know the fate of the unnamed mother, but we know abortion can result in life-threatening complications and long-term emotional and mental health impacts.”

The audio recording aired on NPR Nov. 3, and included in-depth detail and ambient sound of a mother getting an abortion around 11 weeks of the child’s development. Although the woman requested to remain anonymous, she gave permission for her procedure to be recorded.

The destruction of her unborn child, according to the audio recording, “feels a lot like a childbirth” with dimmed lights and “soothing music.” The audio continued with a loud machine (vacuum) used to abort the baby, and the sound of the woman in a state of distress.


The abortion was finished in “just a couple of minutes” and the woman was comforted with a “you did it” and “you did great,” the audio reveals.

“This is what Hell sounds like,” Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action, tweeted in response to the recording. “NPR’S glorification of slaughtering TWIN babies. The sound of their deaths. Pure Hell.”

In addition to denouncing NPR, SBA Pro-life America brought attention to the midterm elections and how pro-abortions Democrats stray from answering specific abortion questions.

“Pro-abortion Democrats have avoided truths like these at all costs on the campaign trail as they dodge questions about their extreme record and whether there are any limits on abortion they would support,” Dannenfelser said. “Exposure to the harsh reality of abortion is important for voters as they consider their choices next Tuesday.”


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