Schumer: 'Biden Administration Realizes It Has to Come Up With a Real Plan for the Border'

( – At a news conference on Thursday, held after the Senate passed a massive omnibus spending bill, a beaming Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) hailed the “aggressive investment in American families, American workers, American national defense” contained in the bill’s 4,155 pages.

“There’s so many good things in the bill. It’s hard to get them all out,” he said.

A reporter asked the Majority Leader whether the “fight” over Title 42, the public health measure that may soon go away, will carry into 2023.

“Well, I think, first, I think the Biden administration realizes it has to come up with a real plan for the border that’s not punitive or health-oriented” Schumer said — seeming to admit that Biden has no “real” plan at the moment.

“You know, Title 42 has no consequences,” Schumer continued:


“So you cross the border, you push back on the other side, and the same people cross over and over again. It’s not a comprehensive plan that’s ever gonna work.

“And so the Biden administration’s coming up with one, and I think you’re gonna find that Democrats are going to be the party that’s constructive about dealing with the border instead of using it for political purposes, which they (Republicans) did in this election, and it didn’t work. They did in the 2018 election.

“To remember, we saw the hordes — the — the anti-immigration sentiment that is in the right wing of the Republican Party is not where the American people are. It appeals to maybe the third of the electorate that’s furthest to the right. But I’ve never seen it work politically.”

Notably, as of this morning, the Biden administration has not yet posted the number of migrant “encounters” at the southwest border for the month of November — a chaotic month when people crossed in groups of hundreds or even thousands. Such a delay in posting those numbers is atypical.

But it is the Friday before a long holiday weekend, so those numbers — expected to be record-setting — may appear any day now.


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