Schumer: Thanks to Those Pushing for Change, ‘My Grandchild Will Get to Live in a World That Respects and Honors Their Mothers’ Marriage’

( – Senate Majority Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) celebrated the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act on Tuesday, which requires states to accept the same-sex marriages performed in other states, by telling saying that the tie he was wearing was the same one he wore when his daughter married her wife.

During the signing ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House, Schumer said that thanks to his Democrat colleagues and millions of others “pushing for change,” his grandchild – his daughter’s first with her wife – “will get to live in a world that respects and honors their mothers’ marriage.”

For millions of LGBTQ Americans, today is a historic day, a day of jubilation and a day of relief. President Biden is signing the Respect for Marriage Act into law. After a lot of hard work, today the long but inexorable march towards greater equality takes an important step forward.

By enacting this law, we are sending a message to LGBTQ Americans everywhere, you too deserve dignity. You too deserve equality. That’s about as American an ideal as they come. Now few bills have hit home for legislators quite like this one. The exaltation we have getting this done, it just swells your heart.

Passing the Respect for Marriage Act wasn’t just the right thing to do for America, it was personal to us, to our staff and our families, and it’s certainly personal to me.

The tie I am wearing reminds me what this moment is all about. It’s the tie I wore the day my daughter got married to a beautiful young lady, one of the happiest days of my life. Today, she and her wife are expecting their first child next spring, my third grandchild, and I want them to raise their child with all the love and security that every kid deserves.

And thanks to the millions out there that spent years pushing for change, and thanks to the dogged work of my colleagues, my grandchild will get to live in a world that respects and honors their mothers’ marriage.

So yes, this is about making life better for millions of LGBTQ Americans across the country, but it’s also about the countless children and families who will be protected by this bill for generations to come.

Nothing about the Respect for Marriage bill was inevitable. On the contrary, it took a lot of faith and a bit of risk-taking to get it done. I remember sitting in my office in September with the negotiators of the bill, and they asked me to delay a vote, because we weren’t sure if it would pass. I took a risk. I put my faith in the better angels of human nature, and praise God, we succeeded.

Passing the Respect for Marriage Act over the finish line took patience and persistence, but it’s paying off.


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