Sen. Angus King: 'To Me, There's an Obvious Deal on Immigration, Which Is…'

( – In another closely divided Congress, is there any chance of passing immigration reform, which means different things to Democrats and Republicans?

Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday that he has an answer:

“To me, there’s an obvious deal on immigration, which is, heighten border security, which is very complicated,” King said.

“But the deal is, increased border security, a path to citizenship for dreamers, and workforce.

“I’m hearing from businesses in Maine all the time about a shortage of workers. It’s one of our biggest economic problems after inflation. So, we’ve – we’ve got to work on legal immigration for workforce.

“So, I think, as I say, there’s a package. And border security is where it starts. And I – I believe, I’m delighted the administration — the president’s going down there today. They should have gone sooner, in my view.

“But let’s — let’s work on this because we — we can’t have the chaos and the humanitarian crisis that we have. Let’s — let’s find that. But then put together a package involving Dreamers and involving workforce. That’s where I think we can move. And we ought to be able to move in a — in a bipartisan way.”

President Joe Biden went to the border city of El Paso, Texas on Sunday, but the streets had been cleared of migrant camps and he never saw any border-crossers.

Nor did he speak with reporters, pausing only for a moment to give brief answers to their shouted questions.


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called Biden’s visit too little, too late:

“It is stunning and astonishing and outrageous that this is his first time down here,” Abbott told reporters in El Paso, after greeting Biden at the El Paso airport and handing him a letter with proposed solutions to the border crisis – which includes enforcing current immigration law.

Abbott said Biden should have come to the border on “day one” to “fix the problems that he created” with his lax enforcement policies.


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