Sen. Cory Booker: ‘We Should Not Have Had This Kind of Incursion into the United States’

( – Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) told CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the United States should not have had the incursion of a Chinese spy balloon into the U.S., and he’s grateful that the military took action how and when they did.

When asked whether he’s concerned that the spy balloon was allowed to enter U.S. airspace at all, Booker said he agreed with Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who said, “There is no way the Communist Party of China would allow a balloon like this to fly over the Chinese heartland.”

“Well, again, Mark Warner is right. We should not have had this kind of incursion into the United States, and we have a real problem with China on a number of issues, from their human rights violations, to their violations of international business law, to even the challenges we’ve had with them on overt spying,” Booker said.

“So, I’m grateful that the military took decisive action when they did and how they did, but we obviously have issues here,” the senator said.

“And the issues with espionage, as you just indicated, go into a number of different areas,” host Margaret Brennan said. “Due to national security concerns, Congress had banned TikTok, for example, the social media app, on federal devices. 


“Your home state of New Jersey has also put restrictions in place, but you still use it personally. Does that mean that you think it’s too late to go ahead and ban this? It’s already on 200 million American devices. Is it just so integrated that that espionage is something we have to live with?” she asked.

“No, absolutely not, and I think there’s two ways to approach this,” Booker said. “One, the proactive step of banning and on government devices is something that the United States federal government is doing, states and even localities are doing, but the other way to go about this is going directly to the company.

“They are now working with U.S. intelligence folks to try to make sure that the proper precautions are taken, so the Chinese cannot get access and use it for spying. So, this is something we have to take seriously,” the senator added.


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