Sen. Cruz: Biden's Budget Full of Leftist Buzzwords: 'Equity,' 'Climate,' Even 'Transgender'

( – “The sad truth is, the socialists are in charge of the White House,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Thursday night after President Joe Biden released his tax-and-spend budget that is heavy on “equity,” “climate,” and “environmental justice,” but light on things that really matter to Americans, such as border security, law enforcement, and gas prices.

“Well, you know, there used to be such a thing as moderate Democrats in Congress. They have been driven out,” Cruz told Fox News’s Sean Hannity. “The people setting the agenda — this is Bernie Sanders’s budget. This is AOC. This is Elizabeth Warren.”

Cruz had the numbers to back up his argument:

“Here’s how many times the following words appear in the budget,” he said.

“Equity, 63 times. Climate, 148 times. Environmental justice, 25 times. Transgender, eight times. Intersex, which I have no idea what that is, seven times.”


“So things the American people care about — inflation, only ten times. Fentanyl, twice. Border security, eight times. Police, four times. Law enforcement, nine times. Crime, 24 times; and gas prices, three times. They tell you who they are.”

Cruz said Biden and his leftist allies “want to spend money they don’t have.”

“They want to raise taxes on you. They’ve unleashed record inflation. This budget that Biden put out would create a $50 trillion national debt. And their view is, they can just keep printing money, and unleashing inflation and borrowing money from China. And it is wildly irresponsible.

“You know what’s not in this budget? Funds to secure our southern border. They want to fund 87,000 new IRS agents, but they don’t have funds for significant numbers of new border patrol agents; they don’t have funds for significant numbers of new DEA agents to stop the fentanyl crisis, the over a hundred thousand overdoses that happened last year on Biden’s watch.

“This is a tax-and-spend budget, and amazingly, some of the taxes — they’ve got $5.5 trillion in new taxes in this budget — that includes taxes directly on energy. So remember all the Democrats who said, gosh we want your gas prices low? They were lying.

“Joe Biden’s budget is saying he want gas prices much, much higher, and he’s going to put taxes on them or he wants to in order to drive the prices up.

Now here’s the good thing.

The chances of this budget being enacted into law are 0.0%. This is a political document. We have a Republican House. They ain’t going to do it. I mean, Biden knows that. He knows that this will never pass.

“So this is him telling you what he wants to do. And what he wants to do is really extreme and really dangerous.”


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