Sen. Cruz: Want to Avoid WWIII? 'Don't Elect a Spinless Jellyfish Like Joe Biden to be President'

On a recent edition of his podcast program, Verdict With Ted Cruz, Senator Cruz (R-Texas) explained that President Joe Biden and his administration caused the ongoing war in Ukraine and added that if you want to stay out of World War III, then “don’t elect a spineless jellyfish like Joe Biden to be president.”

“The Biden White House, number one, caused the war,” said Cruz, “by waiving sanctions on Russia for Nord Stream 2, [and] waiving sanctions on Putin for Nord Stream 2,” which allowed Nord Stream 2 to be built. 

“Ukraine and Poland were begging him, don’t let this pipeline be completed,” said Cruz on the Feb. 20 podcast. “If you do, Russia will invade Ukraine. Well, Biden ignored it. He went soft on Russia like he’s gone soft on China.”

“Biden personally, through his own political stupidity caused this war,” said the senator. 

As for Biden’s behavior and judgment, Cruz said, “This is something Biden and most Democrats don’t understand. Weakness is provocative. The weaker Biden is, the worse our enemies get. Appeasement doesn’t work. And paradoxically the weaker you are, the greater you increase the chance of war.”


“You want to stay out of World War III?” said Cruz.  “Don’t elect a spineless jellyfish like Joe Biden to be president, because our enemies view him as so weak that he sits there for eight days while a Chinese spy balloon conducts espionage on the United States and he does nothing.”

“That is not the action of a commander in chief who is soberly clear-eyed saying, what do we need to do to defend the nation?” added the Texas senator. “Shooting down a high school weather balloon is the equivalent of sounding the air raid alarm when you walk with Zelensky [in Kiev]. It’s made for TV — look how tough I am. I shot something down. It just doesn’t happen to be a Chinese spy balloon.

“The weaker Biden is, the more dangerous our enemies get,” said Cruz. 

h/t Verdict With Ted Cruz 


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