Sen. Graham on Protests Outside Justices’ Homes: ‘Somebody’s Going to Get Killed Here If We Don’t Change This’

( – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) warned Wednesday that “the worst is yet to come” after seeing protests continue outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh despite the arrest of an armed man earlier that day for plotting to kill Kavanaugh.

“The worst is yet to come, because the people you named have done nothing to fix the problem,” Graham told Fox News’ “Jesse Waters Primetime.”

“The vice president of the United States a couple of years ago, before she was vice president, raised money to get rioters out of jail who hit cops over the head. They had a bail fund for people beating up cops all over the country, right?” he said.

“So, you got the president of the United States who has been absolutely AWOL on this. You got the majority leader of the Senate going to the steps of the Supreme Court, threatening two justices by name,” the senator said.

“You got Nancy Pelosi who said – the speaker of the House – I’m perfectly okay with people going to a justice’s home to try to intimidate the court to change the ruling on Roe V. Wade, so this is a logical extension to their behavior,” Graham said.


“Here is what I worry about. I wrote a letter in May to Merrick Garland to do what you suggested, arrest the protester. We have a law on the books. You cannot go to a judge’s home or a juror’s house and intimidate them while they are doing their job. That makes common sense, doesn’t it?” he said.

“The reason they haven’t been arrested is because they’re trying to get an outcome. Violence is not the test here. It’s what you’re violent about. So Merrick Garland I think is derelict in his duties. He should arrest these people tonight,” the senator said.

When asked what he can do as a senator, Graham said, “Well, number one accountability will come in November. What can I do? I wrote a letter to the attorney general asking him to enforce the law, and I got a nonsensical response. 

“So I will do more, but we can start blocking people, you know, we are 50/50 senate. I’m not chairman of the judiciary committee. Senator Durbin is. All I can say is that the Republican minority in the Senate needs to push back and make sure those in charge of the law protecting our judges are actually enforcing the law, and they are not. Somebody’s going to get killed here if we don’t change this,” the senator said. 


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