Sen. John Kennedy: ‘You Can Lead a Man to the Presidency, But You Can’t Make Him Think’

“You can lead a man to the presidency, but you can’t make him think,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said Thursday, promoting a resolution calling on Pres. Joe Biden to turn his focus to the issues that are keeping average Americans up at night.

Problems like crime, the border crisis, inflation and the baby food shortage are what the Biden Administration should be addressing, Sen. Kennedy said in an interview on “Fox & Friends”:

“Well, you can lead him to the presidency, but you can’t make him think. 

“What our resolution is intended to do to try and get the Biden Administration to focus on those issues that moms and dads are worried about when they lie down to sleep at night and can’t. Things like crime, things like the border, inflation, the baby food shortage.”

Kennedy said he has doubts that the resolution will work, because Pres. Biden has delegated so much of his responsibility to “uber-Washington insider elites” and “crunchy granola types”:

“I don’t know if it will work, Will, for two reasons. I think, most Americans understand, in its first 14 months, the Biden Administration is not exactly the rocket. Why is that? There are two reasons. Number one, the president, I think, has delegated an enormous amount of his responsibility to his appointees. 

“Number two, who are his appointees? It’s an interesting mixture of two groups. Number one, he has a bunch of uber-Washington insider elite types who, mentally, have never been out of Washington, mentally, for more than 10 minutes in their lives. They think Washington is America, America’s Washington. 

“The second group that he has running the show, there is some overlap, I would describe as the crunchy granola types who like to attend gender reveal parties. I mean, they are very, very woke. 

“And, they are just not focused on the issues that are worrying ordinary Americans right now.”

Biden’s appointees believe they’re superior to ordinary Americans, who they think should just “shut up and listen to them,” Sen. Kenendy said:

“I’m not saying they don’t believe in democracy. They say they do, but they really believe in government by experts and they think they are the experts and they are smarter than ordinary Americans and they are more virtuous and everybody ought to shut up and listen to them. 

“And, if we’re nice, they’ll let us eat meat, occasionally.”


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