Sen. Kennedy: Blame ‘the Gene Pool’ of Biden’s Advisors for the Last ’20 Months of Misery’

“It has been 20 months of misery and vexation and Homer-Simpson-goes-to-Washington” and the reason is simple, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) says.

“I mean, pick your issue: the infrastructure bill, COVID, crime, the border, Congress, the economy, inflation, gas prices, Afghanistan – baby formula, for God’s sake,” Sen. Kennedy said this week in an interview on Fox News Channel.

The Biden Administration is so inept that the American people don’t even trust it to keep the Sahara from running out of sand:

“And that’s why, based on polling, you can see that the majority of Americans believe that, if you put the Biden Administration in charge of the Sahara Desert, it would quickly run out of sand.”

“Now, we need to ask ‘Why?’ though. That’s important. And the answer is straightforward,” Kennedy said, telling Americans to blame the gene pool of President Joe Biden’s advisors:

“Just look at the gene pool from which the president gets his advice: the ‘Wokers,’ the journalism professors with their comment-worthy man-purses, experts like (singer) James Taylor and Vice President Harris.

“These people have way more zeal than wisdom.”


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