Sen. Kennedy: ‘The Biden Administration Sucks’

( – Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday and told the crowd there that “the Biden Administration sucks.”

“Now, listen to me carefully on this one,” Kennedy said. “The truth is: I do not hate anyone. I do not hate anyone. I look for grace wherever I can find it.

“So, I say this gently: The Biden Administration sucks,” he said.

This was  met with laughter and applause from the crowd.

“You measure it any way you want: COVID, the economy, inflation, the national debt, the border, crime, cancel culture, treating parents like domestic terrorists, Afghanistan, our energy independence. Now lost. My God,” said Kennedy.


“President Biden has been spectacularly awful,” he said.

“If you put President Biden in charge of the Sahara Desert, he would run out of sand,” said Kennedy. “If the aliens landed in Washington, D.C. tomorrow and said take me to your leader, it would be embarrassing.”


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