Sen. Kennedy Worries That Biden's Trip to SW Border Is a Preface to Amnesty Bill

( – President Biden, speaking at a leaders’ summit in Mexico City on Tuesday, said he went to the Southwest border in El Paso, Texas, “to see the situation with my own eyes.”

But the “situation” he saw had been sanitized.

Biden never saw any migrants; and the makeshift camps lining El Paso’s city streets were removed before his arrival. While Biden was photographed at the kind of border wall he firmly opposes, he never saw the streams of humanity splashing across the Rio Grande to turn themselves in to overwhelmed border agents.

You think it’s bad now? Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said he has bigger worries — that Biden will introduce a bill promising border security in exchange for amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens who are in this country now.

Here is Kennedy’s take on the “situation,” as told to Fox News’s Jesse Waters on Tuesday night:


“Well, I am pleased that President Biden went to the border. I’m pleased that he says he will do better in terms of enforcing America’s immigration laws. But the American people may be poorer under President Biden, but they’re not stupid. 

“To be trusted, you have to be trustworthy. And when it comes to the border, President Biden has not been trustworthy. When it comes to the border, President Biden is — he’s about as credible as Jussie Smollett, who at any any moment could announce that Will Smith slapped him, too. 

“So, what I say to the president is, if you want to be trusted with the border, enforce the law. Finish the wall. Institute a Remain-in-Mexico program. Execute safe third country agreements. Declare the Mexican cartels foreign terrorist organizations. 

“Here’s my worry though, Jesse. I worry that all of this is a ruse. I worry that what the president really intends to do is introduce a bill in Congress that says I will enforce the law as soon as you grant people who are in our country illegally amnesty. 

“And I worry especially that he will convince enough Republicans to take — to take the bullet train to Chumptown and vote for the bill. And it will become law, and that will make the human train wreck at the border immeasurably worse. 

“I think the American people won’t stand for it, nor should they. When you poll whether illegal immigration is appropriate, the only people who support it are 23-year-old gender studies majors. So the rest of the American people say it’s against the law — duh, enforce the law.” 


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