Sen. Klobuchar: 'Don't Add More Election Deniers Into Our Political System'

( – Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) is among the many Americans condemning the violent attack on Paul Pelosi. And she laid some of the blame on supporters of Donald Trump, who “have been expanding into our politics.”

“This has to end,” Klobuchar told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“And there are several things we can do from the security standpoint, which I’m happy to share with you…but it is also about making sure we don’t add more election deniers into our political system.”

Host Chuck Todd asked Klobuchar, “What’s the bigger challenge, getting Republican leaders to deescalate or figuring out how to get these tech companies to stop amplifying this garbage?”

“They’re both humongous challenges,” Klobuchar said:


“On the Republican side, it is making sure that, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or independent, when you go cast your vote, you don’t go vote for an election denier or the people that are coddling them. And you don’t listen to Donald Trump, because he is the one that said to go wild and march down the Mall.

“When it comes to the social media companies, I’m one of the people, as you know, that’s been way out there on this, because I think that it’s thing if someone is posting stuff on the Internet; it is another when they’re making money amplifying it. And that is the difference.

“So I would reduce their immunity, their Section 230 immunity, it’s called, and then that would allow people to go after them when they are making money off of amplifying election falsehoods, hate speech, you know it. And of course, there’s been interest in both the Democratic and Republican side in making a change to that.

And let me be clear. Number one is to go after this perpetrator who committed a violent, violent crime. Number two is to change what we’re doing to give more security to our elected officials, no matter what party they’re in. Number three is to make sure we’re not electing more election deniers who are following Donald Trump down this road.

“And then, number four, yes, once we get some people in who care about our democracy, we have to do something about this amplification of this election-denying hate speech that we see on the Internet.”


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  1. Does this mean that only Democrats can demean,destroy,bed violent towards conservatives and totally evil in harassment of Republicans.That is what Klobuchar proposing.You tell me if Democrats aren’t evil?

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