Sen. Lee: ‘Highly Suspicious’ Biden’s Lawyers Have ‘Unfettered Access’ to Classified Docs, But Intel Cmte. Members Don’t

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) raised questions about the security of the improperly-stored classified documents of President Joe Biden – given that Biden’s lawyers have been given access to the documents, but Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines won’t tell Senate Intelligence Committee members what’s in them.

“It’s their job to review such matters. And yet the DNI said ‘no.’ Why?” Sen. Lee tweeted at the start of a thread on the topic, noting that both Democrats and Republicans alike have been denied a briefing on  classified documents discovered in Biden’s possession:

“Why did the Director of National Intelligence tell every member of the Senate Intel Committee (Democrats and Republicans alike) that they couldn’t be briefed —even in a classified setting—on the classified documents at issue in the Biden and Trump and investigations?

“Members of the Senate Intel Committee constantly review the most sensitive, classified information regarding our national security. It’s their job to review such matters. And yet the DNI said ‘no.’ Why?

“Apparently the DNI ‘is blocking the release of key details of the documents until the Department of Justice concludes its investigations.’

“That’s indefensible.”

“There’s no way” that Biden’s lawyers have higher levels of security clearance – if they even have clearances – than the Intel Committee members,” Sen. Lee said:

“Apparently the private (non-government) lawyers representing @POTUS have been given full access to these documents. Do they have security clearance? Even if they do, there’s no way they have higher levels of clearance than the Senate Intel Committee.”

“It’s highly suspicious that the DNI is denying them access, even while the lawyers representing @POTUS have unfettered access,” Sen. Lee said.

Lee said he couldn’t remember a time when Republicans and Democrats were so united in their anger and frustration with the DNI:


“They’re TICKED!

“And with good reason—there’s something seriously wrong here.”


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