Sen. Lindsey Graham: ‘The Radical Left Are Constitutional Anarchists’

( – “The radical left are constitutional anarchists” who are “trying to change the country from top to bottom,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told “Fox News Sunday” after the landmark Supreme Court ruling last week that overturned Roe v. Wade in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Graham said that “before 1973, the law of the land was that each state can decide the issue of life when life begins, whether or not to have an abortion, what circumstances around having an abortion.”

“All of us in the conservative world have believed that there’s nothing in the Constitution giving the federal government the right to regulate abortion. There’s nothing in the Constitution that creates a right to abortion as a constitutional principle,” he said.

“This was judge made out of cloth law. Now, what this court has done is taken us back to pre-1973 where each state can decide through their elected officials when life begins and how to treat — treat life, and this is a huge victory for the pro-life movement,” the senator said.

“President Trump deserves a lion share of credit here. He fought like a tiger to put three constitutional conservative judges on the court. He stood behind Kavanaugh, and all of us who’ve been working for the last 50 years to get this right, to have a constitutional reset, Friday was a glorious day,” Graham said.


The senator said that “it’s satisfying to know that through the constitutional process, you can make a difference.”

You know, when Roe came out, we didn’t burn down the Capitol, as conservatives. We didn’t go to liberal justices’ homes and try to intimidate them. The radical left are constitutional anarchists. They are literally trying to change the country from top to bottom. 

They want to pack the court because they don’t like this decision. They want to abolish the Electoral College so California and New York can pick the president in perpetuity. At the end of the day, they want to federalize elections, take it away from the states, to make sure you have ballot harvesting and do away voter IDs.

So, these constitutional anarchist — here’s my advice to you. Quit trying to burn down America and work like we did in the fields. Elect people who agree with you at the ballot box.

Your next guest, one of your next guests is from Georgia. I’m dying to say what she will say about how she would handle as governor any effort to regulate abortion in her state. This was won through the ballot box by conservatives, and we’re not going to liberals intimidate the rule of law system to take it away from us.

Graham said that abortion will be “one of the issues we talk about when we elect senators and House members and members of the state houses and governors, but it’s not going to change the 2022 outcome.”

Most Americans believe that — I really do believe most Americans are comfortable with elected officials making decision about life. Let every state do it the way they would like.

What’s going to be on the ballot box is $5 gas. You can’t walk down the street without being attacked. Crime is rampant. We have broken borders, but yeah, this is a big day for the pro-life movement. 

For all of you — I wish Henry Hyde were alive so he could see this. For all of you who have been working for 50 years to elect members of the House and Senate and presidents that would put constitutional conservatives on the court, your day finally arrived, and to the left, the way you do this, is to do what we did.

You take to it the ballot box. You don’t try to destroy America. These constitutional anarchists like AOC have to be dealt with, and there will be a backlash against this effort to intimidate our judges.

On Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s concurrence, the senator said, “I really respect Clarence Thomas. They tried to destroy him. Remember his confirmation process? They tried to destroy Kavanaugh. You know, Bush 41 stood by Clarence Thomas. President Trump stood by Kavanaugh and here we are today, but Alito I think set the right tone. 
“He said nothing in this decision puts those cases at risk. The reason he decided that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided is because it deals with the potential for life. These other privacy issues like contraception. Do not deal with the potential for life.

“He made a distinction between same marriage and contraception which I think will win the day over time. One thing we’re not talking about is Harry Reid. We wouldn’t be here if Harry Reid had not changed the rules of the Senate, allowing a simple majority,” the senator said.

“Harry Reid believed they’re going to have Democratic presidents forever. He took the rule the Senate, he changed them, and those simple majority rules led to Trump getting three great conservatives on the court, and one thing we’re not talking about is Justice Ginsburg, who was a mighty voice for the liberal cause. She chose not to retire,” he said.

“So, it was amazing series of events that allowed us to get here today, and at the state level, to my friends on the left, you’re going to have a hell of a fight on your hands at the state level, at the ballot box, and that’s what they should have been all along,” Graham added.


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