Sen. Rick Scott: ‘I Don’t Know How Biden Ended Up with Classified Documents from His Time in the Senate’

( – Some of the classified documents found during a search of President Biden’s home in Wilmington, Del. were from his time as a senator, which was from 1973 to 2009, according to his attorney Bob Bauer.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) questioned Tuesday how President Biden ended up with classified documents from his time as a senator.

“First off, I don’t know how Biden ended up with classified documents from his time in the Senate. I’m in the Senate, and you go to a classified area. You look at the documents. You go to a classified room and give them back to him. I don’t know even how he does it, and the other thing is these documents are all marked classified,” Scott told Fox News’ “America Reports” on Tuesday.

“So, he ought to be transparent. First off, the DOJ ought to be transparent. Why are they treating Biden different than Trump? This does not make any sense. Everybody ought to follow the law. Nobody is above the law, and they ought to be transparent with what happened here,” he said.

Scott said that the Justice Department should leave no stone unturned in searching for classified documents from Biden.


“They ought to go look at it. They know there is a problem here, so they ought to go look at it. If I was Biden I would welcome them, and I would be transparent about it, and say look, I don’t want to have classified documents outside a classified setting, and so he ought to say yes, I want you to come in. I want you to look and make sure there are none there and whatever I know I’m going to tell you. Be honest with the American people. I mean this is not that difficult,” he said.

Scott said that he believes that this will have political implications for Biden.

“I think the president needs to explain what he’s done. I think Justice has to explain why did they raid Mar-a-Lago and why didn’t they raid every place that Biden has ever been. This doesn’t make any sense. They ought to be clear. There might be a legitimate reason, but tell us why they didn’t do it and why they are treating this differently,” he said. 


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