Sen. Ted Cruz: 'Deliberately Dishonest' Biden Lied About Border, China, Social Security/Medicare

( – President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address was “divisive, it was angry, it was out of touch and it was fundamentally dishonest,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told Fox News’s Sean Hannity Tuesday night.

“Throughout the speech Biden would periodically just scream out randomly. He reminded me of a crotchety old guy on his front porch screaming at the kids, get off my lawn,” Cruz said:

“And it was deliberately dishonest. It was designed — you know, Biden could have taken this moment to acknowledge we just had an election, the American people elected a Republican majority. The American people are unhappy with the direction of this country — two-thirds of the American people believe we’re on the wrong track.

“Inflation’s out of control, crime’s out of control, the southern border’s out of control. He could have acknowledged all that and said we’re going to change course. He didn’t do that. He doubled down on the same failed policies.

“And let me focus on three of the most dishonest things he said:

“Number one, he stood up and said, support my plan to secure the border and to stop fentanyl. And literally, the chamber began laughing, because Joe Biden made a political decision (to) have open borders; the result is the worst illegal immigration in the history of our country and the worst fentanyl crisis this country has ever faced, with over 100,000 overdoses each year. And he doesn’t intend to change that, yet he is claiming he wants to secure the border.

“A second big lie he had was when he said that the world knows now that the Biden White House and he’s tough on China. You know, Sean, as you pointed out, the whole world just finished laughing at the president when, for over a week, a Chinese spy satellite, a spy balloon, conducted espionage on our military bases, while the president impotently wrung his hands and did nothing.

“And then finally, you mentioned this lie as well, when he demagogued on Republicans want to take away Social Security and Medicare. It’s the classic Democrat lie — they are going to throw granny off the cliff. Again, the entire chamber, at least half the chamber, began laughing because it’s fundamentally false. We should be strengthening and preserving Social Security and Medicare.

“But I’ll tell you when Biden stood up and said we are going to stand up for seniors, there is no group in America who has been hurt more under Joe Biden than seniors. With rampaging inflation, the cost of rent and food and electricity skyrocketing, seniors are getting hammered, and their retirement has dropped 20 or 30 percent. For him suddenly to claim to be a champion of seniors is profoundly out of touch with the failures of his policies.”

Cruz said he doubt Joe Biden will be the Democrat presidential nominee in 2024, however much he may want to be. “I think Democrats recognize he is too old. And his policies have failed,” Cruz said.


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  1. Democrats do not care what Biden says. They know his speeches are written by Obama and Obama hates America. If Congress keeps its hands off of social security and Medicare stop giving it to illegals it would be fine. Illegals deserves nothing but being put back across the border. China owns Biden. The stupid voters who are so uneducated and can’t think for themselves. List go on. I’m sure little liberal is probably going crazy because their freeloading is coming to a end. News outlets telling lies are about done to. The slaves on the democrat’s plantation are the only ones watch these communists outlets.

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