Sen. Ted Cruz: Special Counsel Must Examine ‘Connections Between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’

( – The U.S. Justice Department tried to “take down” Donald Trump, but it is trying to “protect” Joe Biden, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Wednesday night, as he explained how we will know if the special counsel investigating Joe Biden is doing his job.

“We now know, Joe Biden’s homes and offices have been raided by the FBI, not once, not twice, but three times,” Cruz told Fox News’s Sean Hannity. “We know that he was raided in November, and yet the FBI kept it a secret. The DOJ kept it a secret.

“They leak like a sieve when it concerns Donald Trump. But when it concerns Joe Biden, they keep it utterly secret. And at this point, Sean, is there a place Joe Biden doesn’t leave documents? This is just becoming weird. Wherever he goes, he leaves a cache of classified documents,” Cruz said.

Special counsel Robert Hur has just started his investigation into Joe Biden’s alleged mishandling of classified documents, and Cruz said we’ll know if Hur is doing his job if he connects the dots on influence-peddling:

“And there’s a way to know whether that special prosecutor is actually trying to follow the law,” Cruz said:


“In poker, you have a tell, you have some sort of signal that shows what you’re really doing. Here’s the tell.

“If the special prosecutor is following the law, they will be looking at the connections between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. Because Hunter Biden made a career out of selling access to his father, and making millions of dollars from communist China, from Burisma in Ukraine, and they will be looking at those connections.

“If they are trying to protect the Biden White House, they will be trying to separate the two and say, well, look at Hunter for his drugs, for his tax evasion, but it’s all personal. Don’t connect him to the big guy.

“And I gotta say, on that laptop from hell, there are multiple e-mails right now that on the face of it appear to have been written relying on official government briefing documents. There’s one e-mail right before Hunter Biden gets invited to be on the board of Burisma and to make $83,000 a month.

“This email is incredibly detailed. It has 22 points, it’s scholarly, it’s erudite. It reads like the briefing paper that a government official gets before you take a trip abroad. It reads like a scene-setter.

“Joe Biden was going to Ukraine the very next week. And it raises an obvious question: Did Hunter Biden read the briefing materials Joe Biden was given, did he cut and paste them and put them in this e-mail?

“And then here’s the $64,000 question: Did those briefers include classified materials? If they did, then Joe Biden and Hunter Biden both likely committed criminal offenses.

“Now I don’t know the answer to that. I know this e-mail was written by a Russia and Ukraine expert. And Hunter Biden is not a Russia and Ukraine expert.

“And so the special counsel needs to examine the briefings, and in particular, the classified briefings that Joe Biden received at the time, compare them to Hunter Biden’s e-mail. And if there is a connection, that needs to be the focus of the criminal case.”

Cruz said the evidence indicates that Hunter Biden “made a business out of selling access to daddy,” possibly by reading materials assembled for his father when his father was vice president.

Cruz said if Robert Hur is willing to examine all the evidence, he will look at the trove of Joe Biden’s documents stored at the University of Delaware; and he will search Hunter Biden’s home and business addresses for documents he may have taken there.


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