Senator Hawley: Young Men Need to 'Step Up,' 'Get Married,' 'Have Families'

( – Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) has some simple advice for young American men: skip the porn and date a real woman.

He said it in a recent speech to young conservatives, and he amplified the message Tuesday night in an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show.

“Well, somebody’s got to be honest and tell the truth to these young men. And the truth is that what the porn industry is selling them is a total lie.

“And the truth is, American society needs them — we need them to step up, we need them to go get married and have families and be responsible husbands and fathers. 

“This society is impoverished because too many young men are too despairing or too checked out on social media or porn to be doing what we need them to do as a country. It’s time to call people, our young people — in particular, young men — to be something more.

“And Tucker, they want to be called to it, they don’t want to be sold the bill of goods anymore. Somebody needs to tell them the truth.” 

Hawley blamed the “liberal culture” for sending the message that young people should just be “consumers” who sit in front of computers all day and don’t do “anything meaningful” with their lives.

“And what we need to say to young men and young women, too, is just the opposite. Aspire to be something more than a consumer. And for young men, aspire to be something more than a consumer of pornography.

“Aspire to actually create something in your life — like create a family, for instance, that is the single greatest act of rebellion, if you like, against the liberal culture that is suppressing people’s desires, that is suppressing their potential is to go out and actually engage in real relationships, get married, have a family, have kids, have your own ideas and be a responsible member of society. 

“I mean, this is what people are built to do. And again, it’s what young people want to do, they want to be challenged in this way.”


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