Senator Tubervillle calls for Congress to Investigate Hunter Biden, says “It should have already happened”

Appearing on The Jeff Poor Show, Senator Tommy Tuberville argued Congress should have already in

curity of those foreign countries but the United States’ security, as well.

“There’s no doubt about that,” he said. “It should have already happened. There’s no doubt Hunter Biden, the son, traveled many times to Ukraine and Hungary, and a lot of the Eastern European nations, Russia — and made some business deals, and was making money. They hid it during the election and now more of it is coming out. We don’t know a lot about it right now. Hopefully, there is some investigation but when your dad is the sitting president of the United States, everything moves very slow. It will eventually come out. Things will shake out. We’re just hoping it is not affecting the decisions made in the Biden administration when it comes to Russia, when it comes to Ukraine, when it comes to China.”

“There does not need to be a conflict of interests there because if there is, it could not just put some of those countries in harm’s way,” Tuberville added. “It could put us in harm’s way. So, hopefully, we are making the decisions for the right reasons.”


Appearing on Fox and Friends, author Peter Schweizer argued the NY Times suing over the Biden admin stalling on their request for information on Hunter Biden is a big deal.

“I think a lot of these newsrooms, you had management that did not want to cover these stories,” Schweizer said. “They were sort of putting their fingers on the scale as far as politics are concerned. And I honestly think part of the calculation is that they see that Joe Biden is struggling as president, he’s probably not going to be here for very long. I think this represents a turn, as it were, as far as some of the news publications’ management is concerned. So I think this is an important development. I wish they were covering the China relationships with the Bidens. This involves Romania, but still it’s an important story, and it speaks to the pattern of corruption that exists in the Biden family as it relates to these overseas dealings.


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