Shocking New Video Just Proves Biden Is Making The Border Crisis Much Worse

The presidency of Joe Biden has become a farce.

From increasing gas costs to dwindling store shelves, it doesn’t appear that the suffering will ever end — at least not under Biden’s watch.

And now, this horrifying footage demonstrates that Biden is simply exacerbating the border situation.

The American people are suffering as a result of Joe Biden’s decision to overturn Donald Trump’s effective border measures.

The open border policies of Biden and the Democrats have drawn a record number of illegal aliens captured at the southern border.


Border communities are not only being overburdened, but the Biden administration is surreptitiously transferring illegal border crossers throughout the country.

On the taxpayers’ cost, migrants are transferred from ICE prisons to bus stations and airports, where they are scattered throughout America.

Polls show that Americans do not favor illegal immigration, yet they keep getting more of it because of open borders Democrats and RINOs who just want cheap labor.

Multiple dead-of-night flights have been caught onboarding migrants to be flown all over the United States.

The video evidence is as plain as day, but nothing ever changes because the establishment wants more illegal immigration.

Last year, over 10,000 Haitian migrants were recorded surging the South Texas border, and the administration’s response was to shut down drones in the area so the media could not capture what was happening.

But the harrowing videos are still being released.

The administration should be held accountable for what they’re actively encouraging at the border.


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