SOTU: Will Biden Say ‘Trump’? Gaming Site Gives 2-1 Odds He’ll Say That or ‘Tyrant,’ 4-1 for ‘Nazi’

A gaming site is giving two-to-one (2-1) odds Pres. Joe Biden will say the word “Trump” during Tuesday night’s State of the Union (SOTU) address – and even greater odds he’ll use less flattering terms to refer to his predecessor.

As of Tuesday morning, gaming site was giving 2-1 odds that Pres. Biden would dare speak former President Donald Trump’s name at least once in his address. Bettors could get even better odds that Biden would utter the more ambiguous “Former Guy” (4-1). For “Predecessor,” gamblers would have to bet six dollars in order to win four, suggesting that it’s more likely Biden will use this word.

Gamblers could also bet that Biden would speak other words that liberals have used as more insulting dysphemisms to refer to Trump:


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