Speaker McCarthy; 'In Ukraine, We Have to Win Because It Also Would Save Taiwan'

According to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the U.S. and its allies “have to win” in Ukraine “because it also would save Taiwan at the same time.” He also said, in a separate interview, that the “world today looks a lot like the 1930s.”

Speaking with reporters on Apr. 4 in California, Speaker McCarthy said, “I think what`s happening in Ukraine is an atrocity, and I think Ukraine — not just Ukraine, the world has to win there. What Russia has done is wrong.”

“And a phase that I used, the blank check, I use that for anything,” he added. “Well, I look at every dollar of taxpayers [money] that we would use. But the one thing I know that, in Ukraine, we have to win because it also would save Taiwan at the same time.”

On Apr. 6, McCarthy spoke with MCNBC’s Andrea Mitchell about his meeting with the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, at the Reagan Presidential Library. 


“We want to make sure that the world continues to foster peace, freedom and democracy,” said the Speaker. “So what can we do now as policymakers to make that world better? Speed up arm sales to Taiwan, foster greater economy, be it technology, medicines and others, and foster that bond for democracy and freedom.”

“What China should look at today is that Republicans and Democrats are united,” he said. 

Later in the interview, Mitchell asked, “With all due respect, though, didn’t President Trump undermine the U.S. posture towards Ukraine because of his support for Vladimir Putin?”

“I don’t know where the president [was] on that,” said McCarthy. “The one thing I will say, what I see happening in the world today looks a lot like the 1930s.”

“You have something different changing,” he continued.  “You have China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran coming together like an axis of power of the old days of Germany, Italy, and Japan. And when you think back and study history, if the lawmakers do nothing, what transpires?”

“That’s why, today, you’re watching lawmakers — something you don’t see in Washington very often — come together united,” said the Speaker.  “You watched Republicans and Democrats not standing on each other’s side, but standing together, speaking together. And now we’re going to work together to make sure tomorrow will be safer.”

In an Apr. 9 interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Rep. Mike McCaul (R-Tex.), Chairman of the House Foreign Afffairs Committee, echoed McCarthy’s views.

“Putin’s invasion in the Ukraine was an eye-opener, right?” said McCaul.  “It woke up the Taiwanese people that now you’re seeing what we haven’t seen since World War II, and that is dictators invading sovereign territory and getting away with it. So, Putin in Ukraine, wake-up call here.”

McCaul also said he had traveled with Speaker McCarthy to Poland and Romania and spoken with ministers in the Far East, and the impression he is given is that what is “happening in Ukraine will determine what happens in Taiwan and the Pacific.”

“I think the prime minister of Japan going down to Ukraine to signal their support — and he said himself, what happens in Ukraine today will happen in the Far East tomorrow,” said McCaul.  “I believe the best deterrence to Chairman Xi is a failure for Putin in Ukraine.”

However, Col. Douglas MacGregor (ret.), a senior adviser to the Secretary of Defense under President Trump, expressed strong skepticism about Ukraine’s war effort on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Well, the Ukrainians are being crushed,” said MacGregor, who fought in the Gulf War and the Kosovo War. “Even The Washington Post and The New York Times are now finally beginning to print the truth. Their casualties are horrific.

“We’ve effectively seen the Russians destroy three separate armies built by the Ukrainians,” he added. “And everyone is beginning to wonder what’s really happening. The truth is coming out that this war was not started by Russia, that Russia begged us not to try and drag Ukraine into NATO.”

“We ignored Russia and Russia made it very clear that they were going to defend their national interest,” said MacGregor. “All they wanted was neutrality for Ukraine.”

The colonel also criticized the state of the U.S. military, warning that it is not ready for a full-scale war should things get out of hand in Ukraine or Taiwan.

“We can’t even recruit for our Armed Forces,” said MacGregor.  “The left has destroyed the United States Armed Forces. Who are we kidding? Our stocks that we built up over the years with ammunition and equipment, they’re exhausted. We haven’t even gone to war. This is lunacy.”


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