Stefanik: Biden Administration Encouraging Protests Outside Justices’ Homes Is Shameful, Unconstitutional

( – House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) said Wednesday that it’s “shameful” and “unconstitutional” that the Biden administration is encouraging people to protest outside the homes of Supreme Court justices, and it’s a tactic that is “meant to intimidate the justices.”

“Do you think that the Biden administration and the Justice Department right now is approaching the protests that we’ve seen outside the Supreme Court justices’ homes, and also the attack on the Wisconsin Pro-Life group. Do you think that they’re approaching that with the same intensity that they did protesters at those school board meetings over the mandates?” a reporter asked.

“Well certainly not. The fact that you have the White House press secretary encouraging people to break the law, it is unlawful. It is against the law in this country to protest a sitting judge. We want to maintain the independence of our courts, and the fact that that is being encouraged this administration is shameful. It’s unconstitutional. It’s meant to intimidate the justices,” Stefanik said at a Capitol Hill press conference featuring House Republican Conference leaders.

“This should outrage every single American. What makes Republicans consistent is that we speak out against violent acts no matter who commits them. What makes the Democrats inconsistent is that they speak out only in moments where they believe – only in certain moments,” the congresswoman said.

“For example, on January 6, we spoke out against the violence on January 6 as we did throughout the entire summer with BLM protests. It is a disgrace that they have not spoken out against the heinous attacks on the pro-life organization in Wisconsin. We stand strongly with the rule of law. We pray for the justices to have resolve, and we pray the future of life in this country, which as our whip laid out, it’s the most important value that we stand for as Republicans,” she said.


Stefanik also said that she doesn’t support “the abortion-on-demand taxpayer-funded disgrace in New York state.”

“My specific position is with House Republicans. We support the Born Alive bill. Every House Republican has stood strongly. We’ve worked with outside organizations, and that’s where we believe the American people are. New York state and again these radical states are woefully out of touch with the vast majority of Americans who number one do not support taxpayer-funded abortion,” she said.

“Eighty percent of Americans oppose late-term abortions, so the fact that New York is trying to sell itself as an abortion-on-demand state is outrageous, and it really concerns me that you have Democratic leaders who are advocating for murdering of babies,” the congresswoman said.

“They’re spending more time focusing on that than they are focusing on the supply chain crisis when it comes to baby formula, which is a crisis hurting babies and families across this country,” Stefanik added.

As she was leaving the press conference, a reporter asked her, “What do you think of being called ultra-MAGA?”

To which the congresswoman said, “I am ultra-MAGA and proud of it.”


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