Steve Doocy: ‘There Must Be Something Really Embarrassing’ in Biden's Classified Documents Discovered

President Joe Biden’s refusal to answer questions about the classified documents found in a Washington, D.C., office – funded by the University of Pennsylvania, reportedly with donations from China – that he used following his time as vice president, suggests there must be “something really embarrassing there,” Fox and Friends Co-Host Steve Doocy said Thursday.

The show’s hosts were analyzing cryptic reports that a second batch of classified documents has been discovered at a location later revealed to be Biden’s garage at his Wilmington, Delaware home, leading Doocy to wonder what the Biden Administration might be hiding about the content of the documents – and if the results would’ve been different if news of the documents had come out before the 2020 elections:

“So few details have been revealed by the president and their team. There must be something really embarrassing. Who had access at the Penn-Biden Center to these documents? Could it have been Hunter Biden? Had that come out?”

The hosts speculated about China’s anonymous $30 million donation to the University of Pennsylvania and emails on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop about “wealth creation” and potential employment at the Penn-Biden Center.

Earlier on the show, new House Judiciary Chair Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) listed a few of the “tons of questions” raised by the revelation of Biden’s classified documents and the “obvious double-standard” between Democrats’ and liberal media’s reaction to the Biden documents and those of former President Donald Trump discovered at his Florida home.


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