Student Uprising? California High Schoolers Stand Up to COVID Tyranny by Refusing to Wear Masks

Has California Gov. Gavin Newsom inspired a youth revolt?

If so, it’s the one thing I’ll give him praise for during his nauseating term.

At the Rams-49ers game last weekend, a picture of the maskless governor with Magic Johnson appeared to strike a nerve with California students.

Magic Johnson, Governor Newsom at SoFi Stadium (Source – Gateway Pundit)

Students at Oakdale High School decided to take a stand against their hypocritical governor and authoritarian school district.


As CBS 13 reports:

“If they don’t follow by their own rules that they’re trying to force upon me, why should I follow them,” Harris said.

Oakdale parent Melissa Goodman shared pictures of dozens of moms and dads outside their child’s school to show their support.

“They don’t want to get in trouble, they don’t want to disrespect their teachers,” said Goodman, whose son is a senior at Oakdale High School. “But they also want the right to share their smiles and breathe freely.”

All demonstrations were peaceful, but Superintendent Dr. Dave Kline says learning was disrupted. He sent a letter to parents stressing the importance of keeping students in the classroom.

“They just aren’t doing enough,” Goodman said. “Can they do everything? No, but they can do something.”

While the district braces for more demonstrations, Harris says he plans to be on campus, maskless, again.

“When you face hardship, just because you’re going through a tough time doesn’t mean you should back down and give up on what you believe in,” Harris said.

National File provided further info:

According to the school district’s own numbers, 375 students in the school system were active in the Face Freedom movement as of Wednesday and 344 on Thursday, meaning that the Freedom movement is retaining strong numbers despite coercion tactics by the establishment.

The Freedom lovers gained public support in their protest parade to the headquarters of the school district on Thursday. These youth are watching their future get destroyed by the policies of the old, the corrupt and the fearful. In standing for Face Freedom, they are rejecting the fearmongering and authoritarianism of the failed oligarchs who rule over them. Those who do not care about the future should stop ruining the present. If this protest is any indication, the future still has a fighting chance.

Staff attempted to barricade the maskless high schoolers in the gym by putting tables in front of the exits.

One staff member was caught turning down the thermostat to “freeze them out.” The police were called for a welfare check and they turned on the heat.

After “escaping” the freezing gym, the students marched to the district headquarters in protest.

Watch additional footage of the Oakdale School Walkout:

Keep up the good fight young Patriots!

The disgusting child abuse from tyrannical school districts, city councils, mayors, and governors must end.


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