Student’s tip leads to firearm being found at North Carolina elementary school

A gun was found at a Wake County elementary school on Tuesday thanks to a tip from a student.

In a message sent to families at Lead Mine Elementary School in Raleigh, Principal Jena Wojdylo-Kehler said a student reported to a staff member Tuesday afternoon that another student was in possession of a firearm.

“We immediately notified law enforcement and WCPSS Security,” Wojdylo-Kehle said. “The firearm was quickly confiscated from the student.”

She said that all students are safe at the school, located at 8301 Old Lead Mine Road in North Raleigh.

Wojdylo-Kehle said a thorough investigation by law enforcement and district security revealed that the student did not mean to bring harm to the school. Instead, the principal said the student was showing the firearm to classmates.


“Any student found in possession of a weapon or a facsimile of a weapon on school grounds or on one of our buses will be disciplined in accordance with district policies,” according to the message.

Under state law, a student who brings a firearm to school is required to be suspended for 365 days.

The person who allowed the student access to the firearm could also face criminal charges.

Families asked to stay vigilant

Wojdylo-Kehle told parents to be vigilant and monitor the activities and actions of their children. She urged parents to secure all firearms in their homes and to keep guns locked in a gun safe that cannot be easily broken into or taken away.

“We are grateful to the student who reported this to staff,” Wojdylo-Kehle said. “The best means to keep schools safe is to maintain healthy and open relationships between adults and children at all times. Please remind your student they can always feel comfortable reporting matters that cause them concern to a teacher or administrator.”

Students and parents can also report safety concerns to Wake’s anonymous tip line, 919-856-1911.

Members of Lead Mine’s student support services team are available to speak with any student who needs assistance.

The incident comes amid heightened fears of gun violence following school shootings across the nation. Wake saw a spate of gun incidents last school year, including an AR-15 rifle being brought to a high school basketball game, a gun going off in a high school bathroom and another being fired in a middle school classroom.


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