Teacher Calls Student's Parents “Christo-Fascists”

No teacher has the right to make bigoted remarks about the parents of students. Such an occasion recently took place in a school district in Washington.

Kelly Love is a teacher in the Auburn School District. It has been widely reported that she was upset with a teacher who sought to alert parents to some school policies that were being kept from them. In reply, Love said, “I cannot disagree with this more. So many students are not safe in this nation from their Christo-fascist parents.”

“Christo-fascist parents”? After reading Love’s blatantly anti-Christian remark, I wrote to the Superintendent of the Auburn School District, Dr. Alan Spicciati, asking how this matter was being handled. He is just now being made aware of my concerns, so it remains to be seen what, if anything, is going to be done about it.

Such a sweeping and clearly anti-Christian remark runs counter to the Auburn School District’s policy on equity. In fact it flies in the face of the advice offered by Dr. Gary Howard, an equity specialist whose work is flagged on the District’s website.

He cites several “Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices.” Among them are the following: a) “Students are affirmed in their cultural connections” b) “Teachers are personally inviting” c) “Learning environments are physically and culturally inviting” and d) “Classroom is managed with firm, consistent, loving, guidance.”


Love violated these tenets. By calling the parents of Christian students “fascists,” she is clearly not affirming the “cultural connections” of these students, nor is she being “personally inviting.” Indeed, the environment she has created is anything but “culturally inviting,” and she sure doesn’t exhibit the kind of “love” and “guidance” these students expect. 

It should not matter what the ethnicity of the parents is. What matters is that Christians should not be smeared by a  state employee. That is a serious matter.

There is heightened sensitivity these days for many select demographic groups, but none for others. Among the latter are Christians. Indeed, if anything, their sensibilities are being trashed by some of the very same people who scream the loudest about equity, tolerance, and injustice.

I closed my remarks to Dr. Spicciati with a request. “I would appreciate hearing from you about the disposition of this case.” I made sure a Catholic League attorney received a copy of my letter.


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