Tennessee House Expels Two Democrats Who Stormed State Capitol with Protesters – Sparking Another Protest

On Thursday, the Tennessee House voted to expel two Democrats that joined protesters who invaded the chamber last month, setting out another invasion of the Capitol.

A third Democrat who took part in the March 30 protest narrowly escaped expulsion, Fox News reports:

“In an extraordinary action, the GOP-controlled body voted to expel Democratic Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson for “disorderly behavior” after they stormed the Capitol building with anti-gun protesters following the shooting at a Nashville, Tennessee, private Christian school that left three staff members and three 9-year-old children dead. A third Democrat, Rep. Gloria Johnson, came within one vote of also being expelled.”

The three Democrats were captured on camera encouraging a rowdy crowd surrounding the state House floor to scream, jeer, and taunt legislators with chants of “no action, no peace,” The Federalist reported on April 4, noting that “The noise continued until leaders on both sides of the political aisle were forced to halt legislative business and clear the galleries.”

“This has nothing to do with anything that happened outside the House chamber,” Republican Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton told Fox News Wednesday, the day before the expulsion vote, explaining that one of the Democrats even used a megaphone to encourage the invaders:

“These three individuals stormed up to the well where you speak from without being recognized, did not display decorum, they disrupted the proceedings where we had to shut down, pulled out a megaphone and started to lead the balcony in protest for the next 30 to 45 minutes.”

Nonetheless, protesters protested the expulsion vote by once more invading the Capitol, Fox News reported Thursday:


“A loud group of demonstrators stormed the Tennessee State Capitol on Thursday to protest a vote in the state House to remove three lawmakers for disrupting the state House floor in Nashville last week during protests for stricter gun control measures.

The protesters, gathered both inside and outside the capitol in Nashville, chanted to urge the lawmakers to take action on gun control, as well as vote against expelling the three lawmakers from their positions in the House.”


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