Texas Congressional Candidate Monica De La Cruz: ‘The Democrat Party Has Just Moved So Far from the Values That Are Important to Hispanics’

(CNSNews.com) – Monica De La Cruz, one of four Republican Hispanic women running for Congress this year, told Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that Hispanics are leaving the Democrat Party because it doesn’t represent their values.

“Well, I am confident this that all four seats will be flipped this November because the Democrat Party has just moved so far from the values that are important to Hispanics. Those values include law and order, securing our borders and standing up for our Border Patrol agents and customs agent. It includes our faith, our family and really opportunity for the American dream,” she said.

De La Cruz said she believes she’ll win in November and flip her district from Democrat to Republican, because the Biden administration “caused the crisis on our borders that’s affected our local communities, but layer on top of that inflation. “

“The American families are worried about how they’re going to put food on the table, gas. They’re worried about the economy, their children. You layer all these things on top of each other, and I would say that all of South Texas and Americans across this nation are just going to say no more in November, and we are going to see a massive walkaway movement from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party because of this,” she said.

De La Cruz said that she comes from a family of Democrats, and she was once one too until 2016.


“That is exactly right. I am one of many Hispanics who have been generational Democrats. My grandparents were Democrats. My parents were Democrats, and I was a Democrat,” she said.

“You know, I walked away in 2016 with President Trump, and I continue to spread the message and be a role model like a Congresswoman Mayra Flores to say, hey, it’s time for us to wake up, because the Democrat Party walked away from Hispanics a long time ago.

“They’re no longer standing up for our faith. They’re not standing up for our traditional family values, and they are not standing up for law and order and protecting our American communities, and that’s why people are walking away.

On the border, De La Cruz said that what she’s seeing in the Rio Grande Valley “is a self-made disaster by the Biden administration.”

I’m, you know, I’m endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council, and I hear from these brave men and women the catastrophe that has happened there. They don’t have enough agents to support them, and they are overwhelmed by amount of people that are crossing, but let’s talk about what Biden has really caused. 

He has relinquished our borders to the cartel, and what we’re not talking about are the women and children that are being exploited, women and children, children who are abandoned on a daily basis on private property because their families in South America aren’t paying up. 

People on the border know that the cartels control who comes in and who comes out including drugs at our border, and they want no part of it. They want the Biden administration to stand up for American communities. 

De La Cruz said that border towns suffer from illegal immigration, because “number one, we have our medical system clogged through the hospitals with the illegals who come in and end up having to go to the hospital.”

We have private property damage. I was just speaking with farmers, the Schuster farming family who are long term, farming families in our community, and they were saying that they have had generations of farmers along the border where they no longer feel safe. 

They just recently found about 30 illegals hiding in their warehouse where they have women and children praying on their farms, and it used to be safe. Our farmers said, you know, now we feel like we need to have security on our own farmlands. They actually told me of case where they were going down their farmland, and cartel came with guns, told them to stop while they passed illegals through their farms. I mean, it’s horrific. 


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