Texas DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez: Biden’s New Asylum Rules ‘A Complete Shell Game’

(CNSNews.com) – The Biden administration announced Tuesday new asylum rules that will require migrants to apply for asylum in a country they traveled through on the way to the United States.

As CNSNews.com reported, those applying for asylum will also need to make an appointment to arrive through a port of entry.

Texas Department of Safety Lt. Chris Olivarez told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Wednesday that it will not stem the flow of migrants to the southern border. He called the new policy, which will replace Title 42, “a complete shell game.” 

What I mean by that is it will create a much larger magnet for illegal immigrants to claim asylum at the ports of entry. Really what it is it’s just to create a more orderly process and to refrain from the negative optics of having large groups come between the ports of entry, but that does not take into account that this is going to be a more widespread abuse of the asylum process. 

The majority of these illegal immigrants that are coming across are seeking asylum for political or economic reasons which are not justifiable asylum claims. 

So by using this CBP1 app, which justifies the means of having a legal pathway, they have to use the CBP 1 app, and by doing so, they’re going to be allowed to enter the country as far as which would be considered illegal immigration now would be legal.

So again, It takes away from the bad optics but again, it’s not going to stop the flow of people coming across the border. It’s just going to create a much larger magnet on a larger scale especially when Title 42 has ended. 

When asked whether he believes there might be a way for the left and the right to at least understand what the facts are on the ground and try to get something done legislatively, Olivarez said, “We’re hoping for that. We’ve been taking on this problem since March of 2021. We’re hopeful there could be some type of agreements between both parties. 

“There’s something that needs to be done not just in terms of the mass migration that we’re seeing, but also taking into account the amount of drugs that are coming across our border – fentanyl and also the gotaways. Something needs to be done. There needs to be action put in place and that’s what the governor was talking about yesterday at the round table,” he said.


“He has made it his priority to secure the border, to protect Texans by using whatever means possible with his legal authority by using every tool and resource that we have at our disposal to try to stop the flow of people coming across but focus more on the criminals, the drugs, the fentanyl, the gotaways, the criminals, those that are on the suspected terrorist watch list,” Olivarez said. 

“That’s what we need to focus on, but again, something needs to be done. There needs to be some agreements. All these visits to the border, there needs to be something as far as we can all agree on and try to put something in place so we can help slow this problem and actually put an end to this, because again, it is not slowing down,” he said.

“When we compare the numbers from January to December of last year, that’s not a fair comparison, but if you look into the numbers from last fiscal year of 2021 and 2022 the same time in January, this fiscal year is much higher, so we expect to see those numbers rise especially going into March and summer, so again, something needs to be done,” Olivarez said. 

“There needs to be some action put in place. The governor is doing as much as he can to try to put whatever rules and policies he can within his legal authority, but again, it’s going to require much more than that,” he added.


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