'The Chosen' Season 3 Tops Box Office in Theatrical Opening, $1.6 Million

(CNSNews.com) — On Feb. 2, The Chosen, a television show depicting the life of Jesus, took its place at the number one spot for domestic box office sales. The show hosted a special in-theater event where the final two episodes of season three were shown.

The finale generated $1.6 million in ticket sales, soaring past the $1 million made by Avatar: The Way of Water, which had held the top spot for 48 days in a row.

The in-theater event was originally set to run for two days but has been extended to four because of the engagement. The last night to see the final two episodes in theaters is Monday, February 6. However, one of the episodes is already available for streaming and the next is set to be released on Feb. 7 at 9:00 PM ET.

The fans of the series deserve the praise as they were the ones that made the achievement possible. The Chosen can be watched for free on its website, but fans took to the theaters and bought tickets to support the show.


The show has become a global phenomenon since it first aired back in December of 2017, and has been viewed over an astonishing 400 million times since its release.

If you would like to try see it in theaters before it goes, you can find tickets here.

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