The Dark Forces of Wokeism

The dark forces of Wokeism are all around us. In the liberal media, on college campuses in the entertainment community and our government. It has also reared its ugly head in grade school, middle school and high schools across the country. And in corporations.

The result? A nation of some ignorant leftist political militants. Wokeism is found in collectivism as a whole; liberalism, Maoism, Leninism, the Democratic Party, any ideology on the left. With each, they want to take something away from you, the individual. They hate individualism and love group think, group thought, group behavior. They abhor free thinking.

The great historian David McCullough one said before he passed away, “We are now into our third generation of historically illiterate Americans.” The left is pleased. Ignorant people are more easily led, pushed around.

Now we find it in the efforts of Direct TV—owned by AT&T—to censor Newsmax TV.

Newsmax TV is the highly successful heir to another conservative cable system as of late. Newsmax has kept true to its original mission of news from a conservative perspective. In other words, Newsmax’s content matches up with the vast majority of Americans.


Newsmax is the vision of founder Chris Ruddy along with his flagship magazine and radio networks. But collectivism can not stand the dissemination of conservative ideas simply because, freedom is better than tyranny.

At the very least, Direct TV—and AT&T are guilty of violating the constitutionally protected right of tortious interference. In other words, Direct TV is interfering with Newsmax’s right to conduct commerce. Direct TV is disrupting Newsmax’s right to do business with you, the viewer. If convicted in court, the damages could total into billions.

You don’t get news and information anymore from Meet the Press; they are interested only in shrinking knowledge, not expanding it. Their ratings are abysmal. Same too with the Washington Post, the New York Times, ABC and CBS. In fact, all the left wing news outlets. And forget about NPR. You might as well be reading Mao’s little red book.

The left just doesn’t want your hard earned money. They want to regulate and control you. They wish to take away more and more. Case in point: the electric car. The left is pushing it so hard because they can control access to electricity. Same with COVID; if everyone is getting jabbed often and wearing masks, we are controlled by the state while, as a bonus, enriching corrupt pharmaceutical companies, who are in league with corrupt big government. All of their philosophies lead inevitably more power for a tiny elite and less power for you.

And this is the rub about Newsmax as a threat to the leftist established order because they tell the truth, this is the striking similarity to the war for American Independence. Newsmax is the equivalent of the Continental Army led by George Washington, struggling to be free under oppressive British rule. The despicable enemy is Big Corporations and Big Government; Direct TV, AT&T, Biden’s Big government. They must be defeated in order to preserve personal freedoms.

Is the political gulag far off? Reeducation camps? We are all being herded that way with the unwashed, uneducated lefties as our overlords.

Are whippings, and “psychiatric” hospitals and starvation far off?

It is the greatest or ironies that Americans spent billions winning the Cold War. Ronald Reagan put his cowboy boot on the neck of Soviet collectivism, crushing the life out of it. And we successfully fought out forms of collectivism in the Baltic States, in Eastern Europe including the Soviet republics, in Nicaragua and other countries only to find it’s failing philosophy taking root here at home.

Haven’t we learned from the failure of the collectivist state of Venezuela? Everything there is collapsing because of leftism.

Free Newsmax! Now! Or suffer the consequences.


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