The Fifth Column and the Republican Party 

In the early 2000’s I began the journey that led to a four-part series of suspense novels, culminating in the final book, White King and the Seat at the Table.  Inspired by actual events that had peaked my curiosity, causing me to want to locate the source of the apparent collapse of America from within, I theorized there was a real group intent upon taking dominion globally.  

I asked myself, What if a group of people wanted to take control of the world and its inhabitants?  What would they do?   Who would they have to defeat or destroy in order to achieve their dominance?”

My conclusion was that the obstacle standing in their path—the great experiment that liberated men—was the United States.   And the American people were the underpinning of all that the U.S. represents.  

To render the U.S. impotent, I theorized this enemy would have to undermine the people.  And, more importantly, get the American people to do it to themselves.

The strategy is simple. It is as old as any military strategy: divide and conquer.   


Through the centuries, generals and armies have used this strategy to defeat an otherwise formidable opponent. Only this time, the divide and conquer strategy is being implemented through psychological warfare.   

You may call it information warfare.  No matter the terms from the past, today propaganda and psychological warfare have evolved into Perception Management.  Information and disinformation are pitted against one another in order to manipulate your perceptions, and thereby your conclusions and actions. This simple marketing strategy in the hands of power-hungry, arrogant men and women is pushing the U.S. to its knees.

I am sure none of us doubts that America is a nation that is divided.  The last two election cycles have disabused even the most ardent deniers of the reality that Americans have two different universes they are living in now, and those universes are at war with each other.

The ongoing Twitter revelations (Twitter Files) have exposed this Perception Management in its most grotesque and dangerous light—harassment, censorship, collusion, and manipulation of data to manage the perceptions and actions of American citizens.

The important question politically is: How was this division done? The answer: By inserting a Fifth Column not only into the United States, but most importantly into the institutions that hold the country together: family, religion, education, rule of law, and government.  

A Fifth Column is any group of people who undermine a larger group or nation from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or another nation. It is comprised of domestic actors who work to undermine the national interest, in cooperation with external rivals of the nation.  And you must come to understand this, or the Fifth Column will continue to erode government, morals, ethics, education, family values, individual identity, rule of law, etc.  

There is one particular Fifth Column that concerns me. It is not inside the Democrat Party.  It is inside the Republican Party.  Ask yourself why the Republican Party cannot get unanimity on key issues?   Why do they almost always snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at almost every turn?  

Witness the embarrassing inability to elect a Speaker of the House. Witness the disappointing performance overall in the 2022 elections.   Witness the acceptance of the monstrosity known as the Omnibus Bill.  Who could possibly be encouraging members of their group to vote for a 4,000-page document that no one has likely read, to spend an additional $1.7 trillion?  Who could possibly have failed to stall the vote until the new Congress would come in?  Why would they not delay?

Here’s my challenge to fellow conservatives:  Who is perhaps speaking self-righteously right now, as they encourage actions that would divide and weaken the party further?  In Julius Caeser the soothsayer said, “Beware the Ides of March.”   Well, I say, “Beware the ‘Stand on Principle’ pitch.”   

Standing on principle is important, but it is also a propaganda button used to manage your perceptions.  Who actually is being served if the GOP has been divided?  Who seduced and compromised enough members to embarrass and discredit the party? Moreover, who is the enemy or nation that these trusted members are serving?

Fortunately, the Fifth Column leaves a trail. Look for those whose speak of all things “global” —  Global Peace, Global Security (Zelensky before our Congress), Global Health, Global Justice, Global Climate Change Initiatives, Global Digital Currencies, Global Energy Policies.

I recommend we stop asking ourselves the questions, Why would our leaders fail to protect the country? Or Why would they do something so stupid? 

The answer is not in why.   The answer is in the question, Who are they truly serving?

This piece was originally published on Lee Kessler’s blog.


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