There is no right to have a baby. Nor should there be one.

Let’s start with a basic truth: a child is a responsibility, not a right. The most important person when contemplating bringing life into the world is the yet unborn child, not the potential parent. Children are not meant to be an ego-boosting annex, nor are they meant to be a status symbol, a simple fulfilling of a desire, or a means to any ends. 

Children are the reason family exists, in its traditional make up. It is a place for them to find the greatest level of stability, a place that is meant to give them the best start in life and the most desirable outcome as adults. That is not to say that all families should have children, but rather that this structure itself was built as the fundamental bedrock on which a child’s life is to be formed.

Nowadays this bedrock is breaking, as family, marriage, and other stable and time- tested notions are being redefined.

For a child to lose the traditional structure of the family is quite common nowadays, and many indeed grow up without one or both of their parents. Even though such tragedies do not have to equate to developmental and social issues (although they often do), all involved are aware that such situations are less than ideal. But they have to work with what they are given and so they try their best. 

To be intentional about robbing a child of either father or mother, or the general normalcy and balance of a traditional family, however, is beyond selfish. In fact, it is cruel, and has all the makings of bad parenting. Why? Because a parent should love a child. And love, another often misunderstood word, is sacrifice. Selfishness and cruelty have no place in a child-parent relationship.


Whether one has children or not has long been dictated by biology. Now it is dictated by access to financial resources as well as technology. 

But a potential parent does not have a legal, positive right to have a child. Nor should they ever claim or be granted such a right. No one is obligated to help a couple conceive or to provide them with a child somehow. They have options for such help, but no one is under a legal obligation to provide it. 

This is good.  No one is entitled to another human being, except for the children entitled to their parents. Since life is precious, it needs to be protected. And because children are weak and vulnerable, susceptible to any influence, they need to be looked after within a loving, stable home.  

Children are not meant to boost ego, help win over voters, watch depraved strip shows, help spread ideology, help one feel better about themselves, help one obtain pity from others, fulfill dreams, fill the void in one’s heart, or for any other such life-destroying, development-affecting reason. They are not props. 

They are meant to be loved, protected, sacrificed for, and molded into the next generation of well-adjusted, emotionally stable adults. But, of course, when people confuse love with pleasure, male with female, God with the state, and family with trauma, when evil is good and good is evil, lines become blurrier than ever. And the results of such confusion are potentially catastrophic for society. 


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