Top Biden Official Just Slipped, Revealing How Radical Democrats Are On Immigration

On a lot of subjects, the Democrats lied when they pitched Joe Biden as a moderate; he agrees with Bernie Sanders and the other socialists. One of Biden’s closest aides disclosed the Democrats’ true immigration radicalism.

On immigration, the Democrats have become the most radical of all the key concerns.

The party used to be anti-illegal immigration on labor grounds, with Bernie Sanders even calling open borders a “Koch brothers idea” in 2015.

But, if not in name, at least in attitude, the Democrats have fully accepted open borders.

“Unlawful presence in the United States, alone, will not be a justification for immigration enforcement action… it is an issue of justice and equality as well,” said Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas addressing the United States Conference of Mayors.


When a liberal uses the word “equity,” it should send shivers up people’s spines.

Under the name of “equity,” Mayorkas is effectively declaring that illegal aliens have the same rights as American citizens.

“On September 30th of last year… New immigration enforcement rules were established by me. And in those rules, I outlined what I believe to be a critical fundamental. That we will not use our limited enforcement resources to detain those who have lived in our nation for a long time and have contributed to our communities,” Mayorkas stated.

In other words, on Biden’s watch, deportation of illegal aliens has become a low priority.

The Biden doctrine has been dubbed “sanctuary country” policies by some.

“Forget sanctuary cities – this turns America into a sanctuary country,” Lora Ries, a former DHS officer, warned. ‘Abolish ICE,’ prominent leftists have been advocating for in recent months. The Biden administration has effectively granted their demand.”

Only extreme offenses are supposed to be grounds for deportation, but even illegal aliens accused of the most horrific crimes have been allowed to remain in the nation.

The Democrats’ policies, unsurprisingly, have served as a magnet for greater illegal immigration.

Democrats promised them employment and free healthcare, so they had no choice but to show up.

And, based on Mayorkas’ remarks and actions, the Democrats are seeking to keep their pledges.

In defiance of immigration rules, illegal aliens who cross the border are spread around the country.

Regardless of how many times Americans vote against illegal immigration, they continue to receive more of it.


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