Trump Attorney: 'Today, the Rule of Law in the United States of America Died'

( – Donald Trump’s defense attorney Joe Tacopina received two rounds of applause from Sean Hannity’s studiio audience Thursday night, when he vowed, as any defense attorney would, that the prosecution of Donald Trump on dubious legal grounds won’t work:

“This will backfire,” Tacopina said. “Because we’re going to win this case. We will humiliate them (applause) — and they will pay the price. They will pay the price for bending the rule of law. Justice will prevail in this case.” (More applause and cheering)

Tacopina said he was “shocked” and “angry” to learn about Trump’s indictment on charges that remain sealed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Even Tacopina and Trump have not yet seen the details.

“I’ve never been more angry about a charge, because today the rule of law in the United States of America died. It’s dead,” Tacopina said.

“And it’s something that I never thought I would see. I have goosebumps even saying it, because I don’t feel good about saying it.

“You know, when you stretch the law to get someone you don’t like or is a political opponent, in this case, it is very hard to ever get that law to come back to its original shape.”

Tacopina said Bragg picked a person, then went looking for a crime, just as communist leaders do in the Soviet Union and China.


“It’s not that way, and it never was that way in the United States. It’s not supposed to be that way. And when we start doing that, we’re no better than those other horrific, horrific dictatorships and governments that abuse the rule of law.

“America always had the justice system to protect our citizens, whether they were popular citizens or unpopular citizens. They always had the justice system.  Now, today’s proof that you can actually pick a target and then try and find a crime, even a crime that’s not a crime, because there is no crime here, Sean, I’m telling you, there is no crime.

“I know the facts. I know the law. And I really want to see where this is going to go.”

Tacopina said you don’t bring a case based on petty allegations against a former president “unless you have the goods. Unless you have something substantial,” such as a “video of him committing a crime.”

Tacopina said Trump’s arraignment on Tuesday “is not finalized,” and he said the Secret Service will have a say in how the arraignment is conducted.

Tacopina said Trump will be fingerprinted when he is arraigned in Manhattan, but not handcuffed. As for a perp walk, “I’m sure they’re going to try to do that,” Tacopina said.

“Of course, everything they’ve done here is to gain attention. It’s not for the right motives. There is no one that can ever convince me that this man was not just charged to affect the elections — affect the free election in this country, and that’s scary to me.”

Tacopina said Bragg’s case against Trump involves statute of limitations issues, selective prosecution issues and a witness, Michael Cohen, who is a liar and a “walking contradiction.”


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