Trump: ‘I Am the Only Candidate Who Can Make This Promise: I Will Prevent World War III’

( – Former President Donald Trump said Monday that he’s the only presidential candidate that can make good on the promise that he will prevent a world war, and he will have the war between Russia and Ukraine settled.

Speaking in Davenport, Iowa, Trump warned that “there has ever been a time like we are in right now.”

“What they have done in two years is unthinkable. Standing before you today, I am the only candidate who can make this promise: I will prevent World War III, because I really believe we are going to have World War III. I believe you are going to have it,” he said.

The former president said that he will settle Russia’s war with Ukraine when he takes office if not sooner.

Before I arrive at the Oval Office, shortly after I win the presidency, I will have the disastrous war between Russia and Ukraine settled. It will take 24 hours if it is not done before then. What a shame that is, and the numbers, the deaths and the people are being so horribly injured, it’s far greater than what they are reported. They blew down a city. It looks like a demolition site.


I can get that thing settled. It would never have happened if I were president. Zero chance, and even the Democrats admit that. Even the Democrats say, no, if Trump was president. President Putin knows, because we talked about it, I’d say can’t do it. You’re not going to do that, and he was never going to do that until I left, and then he said well—and you know what happened? He watched what happened in Afghanistan.

When he saw that horror show in Afghanistan, the way we took the soldiers out first. You don’t bring the soldiers first. You bring the soldiers out last. First you get your people out. Then you get your equipment out. They kept $85 billion worth of equipment, and now Afghanistan is the second largest seller of arms in the world.

They’re selling, they got 700,000 rifles, machine guns and guns, 70,000 vehicles, many of them armor plated. You know how expensive that is? There is no car lot in the world or in this country that has more than a few hundred cars – 70,000 of the most sophisticated vehicles in the world. We handed it to them – night goggles. They have better night goggles than us, brand new, never taken out of the box.

You know, they are good fighters, but they never fight at night, because you couldn’t see at night, but now they can see, and I dealt with the leader. I said, Abdul, – I was very proud of this – I said, and the press hit me hard. The press was saying, why are you calling the terrorist? 

I said, because you know Jesse James, the bank robber, they said, why do you always rob banks. He said, because that is where the problem is. Abdul is the leader of the Taliban, and I said, Abdul, nice to talk to you. I said, but listen if you kill any more of our people – because they were really going to down, the snipers. They were going to town on our people during the Obama administration in particular. They were knocking them out one after another. 

I went to Walter Reed, which is so incredible, the doctors and the job they do, but I saw what was left with these people who come up, what the parents went through – a beautiful son, sometimes daughter – just decimated, and if the parents don’t even believe it when they’re sitting by the bedside. They don’t even believe what happened to their child. 

I said, Abdul, if you kill any soldier, we are going to hit you hard, harder than any country has ever been hit in the history of America. We’re going to hit you harder, and we went 18 months, 18 months without one soldier killed in Afghanistan, and then we had the election, and the other side came in, and we lost a lot, and we lost a lot that day, that horrible day where we took the soldiers our first.

It was a horrible day where we took the soldiers out. That was a horrible day. I think it was the most embarrassing day in the history of our country, and when Putin looked at that, he said, this is my chance. These people are incompetent. This is my chance, but I was very proud of that – 18 months without one single soldier being– Biden actually put that in his speech, and they were screaming at him, don’t say that. That’s good news for Trump.

You could end up in World War III, because they don’t speak right. They don’t send the right messages. They act tough when they should act nice. They act nice when they should act tough. Honestly, they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. We’re going to end up in a world war over this stuff. 

Honestly, they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. We will end up in a major war. You can have a major war with China or others – there are others out there – a lot sooner than people think, and we have a word called nuclear. Nobody was allowed to use that word for years and years, could not use the word nuclear because of its devastation.


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