Trump's Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland: 'We're in Another Forever War,' Thanks to Biden

While discussing the Russia-Ukraine conflict, former Trump Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland said America is in “another forever war.” She added that Russia currently can “fight forever” because it is benefitting economically from high oil prices sparked by President Joe Biden’s “war on fossil fuels.”

The long-time foreign policy and defense analyst further said that the U.S. is stuck, focused on a war on Europe when the “real threat” is Communist China.

On FBN’s Varney & Co., March 7, host Stuart Varney raised the question of  America perhaps being over-extended and overly focused on Europe. McFarland commented, “For 20 years we took our eye off the ball in China while we focused on the ‘forever wars’ in the Middle East. Now we’re in a war in Europe — we’re not in it but we’re supporting a war in Europe — where there doesn’t seem to be a plan to how this ends. Just like the forever wars.”

“The Russians can fight forever because their economy actually is doing pretty well, because of the high oil and gas prices, thanks to President Biden’s war on American fossil fuels,” said McFarland, who was a Defense Department speechwriter in the Reagan administration.

“On the other hand, we’re supporting Zelensky who says ‘unconditional surrender and we’re going to send the tanks to Moscow,'” she added.  “And President Biden is saying President Putin can’t remain.”


“So we’re kind of stuck in this extreme position on either side with no end in sight,” said the national securrity expert.

McFarland continued, “My concern is a couple things. Where are the Europeans? You know, we’re spending, we’re paying for this war for Ukraine. That may be well and good, but where are the Europeans with their contribution?”

“Number two, as long as we continue to have high oil prices, thanks to President Biden’s war on American fossil fuels, the Russians can fight forever,” she added.

According to the Congressional Research Service, as of February 2023, the European Union has “collectively mobilized” 37.8 billion euro in “financial, humanitarian, and emergency assistance for Ukraine.”

In 2022, the U.S. Congress approved “more than $113 billion of aid and military assistance to support the Ukrainian government and allied nations,” reported the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget on Jan. 5, 2023. In that authorization, $67.1 billion was for defense/military.

McFarland then said, “And what are we in now? Another forever war where nobody has an idea of how it ends, other than escalation. And yet at the same time, the real threat to our peace and our prosperity is from China.”

When asked what she would prescribe to help end the war in Ukraine, McFarland said, “I would say, number one, stop the war on fossil fuels, bankrupt Russia, because it will drive the price of oil down. The Russians won’t be able to fight this war.”

“Number two, put us – the West, Ukraine — into the best position as a result of that, negotiate a peace, and then let Ukraine win the peace,” she said, “because five years after the fighting stops Ukraine will be fully integrated into the Western economy.”


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