Tucker Carlson: In Biden’s America, ‘You Do Not Have a Right to Self-Defense’

“You do not have a right to self-defense in the United States. This is national policy.  And, Joe Biden has effectively articulated that,” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson stated Thursday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” as he discussed how a New York City bodega worker and an Arlington, Virginia smoke shop employee, both immigrants to the U.S., were punished for self-defense.

While the smoke shop employee was eventually found not guilty, he was punished by months of imprisonment first, Carlson explained:

“Now in the Arlington smoke shop case, that prosecution resulted, ultimately, in an acquittal, thank God.

“But, what about the employee who was imprisoned? He spent months in jail. His life was destroyed.”

The purpose of prosecuting the employee was not to serve justice, but to intimidate citizens who think they have the right to defend themselves, Carlson said:

“Again, the point of this is not just to hurt him, but send the message to the rest of us: whether you are in Arlington, or Kenosha, or St. Louis, or New York City, you do not have a right to self-defense in the United States.

“Joe Biden has effectively articulated that. You might remember when he delivered his big anti-gun speech shortly after he took office, the one where he declared the Second Amendment is not “absolute.” He’ll decide what your rights are! Biden did not even mention self-defense a single time and that’s because Democrats don’t believe it is a right. They said as much.”

Carlson also criticized the Democratic Party for its unwavering support for immigrants – that is, until they actually arrive in the US.:

“At this very moment, the Biden administration is letting in millions, literally, millions of illegal aliens. Foreign nationals, whose identities we can’t actually know because they work hard, the American dream, the Statue of Liberty, give us your tired, huddled masses, et cetera, et cetera. Okay.

“But, then, when those immigrants come here and work in a bodega in Harlem or a smoke shop in Arlington, and they are faced with violent crime, this same party, the Democratic Party, punishes them for defending themselves. Whose side are they on exactly?”

It’s ominous that Democrats want stricter gun control to increase their own power, not to promote the safety of citizens, Carlson warned:


“They don’t care about guns, because it’s not actually about guns. It’s about power. They make the society far more dangerous than it was three years ago. They make it far more chaotic than it has ever has been in its history. It’s their voters doing this. And, then, they tell you there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t even defend your own life or the life of your family. That’s what they’re saying.

“That’s not a reassuring message. It’s really ominous.”


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