Tucker Carlson: Yes, Tyre Nichols Was Black – ‘But, So Was Every Police Office You Just Saw Hitting Him’

(CNSNews.com)— “Our leaders and media are inflaming race hatred,” and “this story has nothing to do with racial bias,” Fox News Host Tucker Carlson said Friday, discussing the bodycam footage released by the Memphis Police Department involving the death of Tyre Nichols.

After condemning the actions of the officers involved, the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host dismissed media claims that Nichols’ death was caused by racism:

“Moments ago on MSNBC, they just described what you just saw (the bodycam footage) as white supremacy. Really, how? CNN’s Van Jones did acknowledge that the police who hit Tyre Nichols were black, but quote ‘they might still have been driven by racism.’ Van Jones didn’t take the time to explain how. It was a lie, of course.”

On Friday, The Memphis Police Department released bodycam footage of Nichols’ encounter with police, who appear to inflict the injuries blamed for his death. The five police officers who were involved were a part of the Scorpion Unit, which is described by the Memphis police chief as a unit that “basically targets some of the hot-spot areas where we saw frequent aggravated assaults and high crime.”

Regarding the video, Carlson says that “parts of it are hard to watch” and that it seems to show an “abuse of power,” because “you can’t kick a man when he is on the ground handcuffed.”

“That video is awful in a lot of ways, but here’s what it’s not: it’s not an example of racism, systemic or otherwise,” Carlson said. “The man on the ground who was killed, or died in any case, was black – but, so was every police officer you just saw hitting him.”


Nonetheless, media continue to blame racism for Nichols’ death, Carlson said:

“Whatever you think of them, white people did not have any role is this particular tragedy. Whatever the story may be about, it is not about racial bias. Any honest person could see that immediately, but you would never know it from watching the so called news coverage of this tape.”

What’s more, Carlson said, President Joe Biden “quickly reinforced that lie” that the media is spreading. In an event where everyone involved was the same color, Biden stated that, “Fatal encounters with law enforcement have disproportionately impacted black and brown people.”

Carlson went on to question why the nation’s leaders would stoke racial tensions:

“This is yet another attempt by our leaders of our country to inflame racial hatred in the United States. Why would anyone ever do that? The consequences of that ripple through the generations. They don’t go away quickly, but they are doing it, anyway. Why?

“We can’t say for certain, but what we can’t help but notice is that the last time we had race riots in the country, the president, the incumbent president, lost reelection. There was a point. So, Joe Biden, if he weren’t senile, might be concerned by this.”

Carlson proposed that “Nichols’ death is being exploited to justify riots,” and that there are already lies imbedded in the outrage that is coming from propagandist and extremist groups:

“‘Our rage is stronger than their power,’ declared the ANTIFA chapter in Frederick, Maryland. Of course, by morning we will know if that’s true. We already know that there is a lie imbedded in the claim. ‘Our rage?’ We get so mad watching CNN that we took to the streets and set police stations on fire, or whatever they plan to do? No! That’s not what’s happening.”

“ANITFA is a political instrument, whose actions are always intended to effect a political outcome. Period,” Carlson said. “ANTIFA does not appear by accident. ANTIFA appears with a purpose to effect a political outcome. Every single time.”


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