Turley: Hunter Biden Hits ‘New Low’ By Asking Court to Prevent His 4-Yr.-Old Love Child from Changing Her Name to ‘Biden’

First Son Hunter Biden has done what was once thought impossible: reach a new low, George Washington University Law Professor Johnathan Turley says.

Turley, professor of public interest law at George Washington University and a practicing criminal defense attorney, made the comment in response to news that Hunter Biden has asked an Arkansas court to prevent his four-year-old daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, from changing her surname name to “Biden.”

Last month, the child’s mother, to whom Biden is paying child support, filed a request to change her daughter’s name, Fox News reported at the time:

“The mother of Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old daughter requested in court to change the last name of her child so she can ‘benefit from carrying the Biden family name.’

“Lunden Roberts, a former exotic dancer, made the request through her lawyer Tuesday in a case where Hunter asked to lower his child support payments. Roberts’ lawyer asked the court to dismiss this request due to Hunter’s ‘long, and lengthy, history of attempting to avoid discovery by filing endless and recurrent motions for protective orders.’ She countered with a request that their daughter, Navy, takes the Biden last name.”

Roberts’ lawyer contends that the estranged child would benefit from being associated with the wealth, success, education, and political influence of the Biden family, according to a report by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

“According to the filing submitted Tuesday by attorney Clinton Lancaster, the baby would ‘benefit from carrying the Biden family name,’ and that the ‘Biden name is now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful.’”

“It says the Biden family remains ‘estranged from the child. To the extent this is misconduct or neglect, it can be rectified by changing her last name to Biden so that she may undeniably be known to the world as the child of the defendant and member of the prestigious Biden family.’”

“It is disgraceful that he is fighting so hard to prevent his child from taking his last name,” Turley writes in a Fox News commentary published Sunday.


Despite being mired in scandal, Hunter Biden has actually succeeded in stooping to a new low with his effort to stop his daughter from taking his surname, Turley says:

“Hunter is asking Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer to deny Navy Joan the ability to use her father’s surname and claiming that it is in her best interest. The filing is so self-serving and transparently dishonest that it does what was once thought impossible: reach a new low for Hunter.”

“The obvious effort of the Biden family in this filing is to preserve distance from this child. The legal standard for a name change in Arkansas has been based on the ‘best interests of the child,’ not the political interest of the father and his family,” Turley explains on his website.

“Indeed, historically, Arkansas courts followed a presumption in favor of a child having the surname of its father,” Turley notes.

What’s more, Biden’s daughter would benefit simply by being identified as the grandchild of a U.S. president, Turley writes:

“Nevertheless, 4-year-old Navy Joan is clearly better off with the Biden surname, particularly in establishing the very connection that Hunter, Joe and Jill Biden seem committed to conceal or ignore. Navy Joan is the grandchild of the 47th president of the United States. That alone makes the change beneficial. 

“Navy Joan will be able to benefit from the cache of that connection in applying to college, seeking employment, and other pursuits. It also establishes (despite the efforts of the Bidens) that she is part of the family’s legacy.”


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