US Conference of Mayors President: Florida Has Become a Border State, and Miami Has Become a Border City’

( – Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, head of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, said Wednesday that his city has become a “border city” and Florida has become a border state because of the migrant surge.

“Well, we’ve seen unfortunately under the Biden administration is that Florida has become a border state, and Miami has become a border city, and we’ve seen the impact of that on the public school systems, on our homeless system and really we’ve seen a bipartisan call of mayors throughout the country sounding the alarm bell of how this is impacting their cities, and so my hope is that being here in Washington, D.C.,” he told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

“We can send a unified message that the administration first of all has to take this crisis seriously, has to understand the impact on our cities and has to try to create strategies that are more comprehensive in nature to solve the problem,” the mayor said.

Suarez said that he got the impression that during his visit to the border, New York City Mayor Eric Adams was calling on the federal government to help the migrants in his city.

“Whether he called out the president by name or not I think what he was trying to say is, you know, that his city is being overrun, that he needs help and that this crisis needs to be front and center in the administration’s agenda not just in terms of border control and having a lawful and orderly process of immigration but also coming up with a more coherent strategy globally to figure out how do we depower these socialist and communist regimes, which are impoverishing and enslaving their countries and are pushing a tremendous amount of migrants into the United States,” he said.


“That’s where a lot of the immigration pressure is coming from. We haven’t seen a strategy of that kind, and I think that’s something that needs to be articulated by the administration immediately,” the mayor said.

When asked whether he’s seen cartel activity in his city, Suarez said, “We’ve been very fortunate. Our homicide rate went down last year. We’re getting good control over the drug trade but one of the things we just met with Secretary Blinken. 

“One of the things he mentioned to us is that they have seized so much fentanyl that it would in essence kill every single American with the amount they seized. Obviously that’s only a fraction of what is getting in,” the mayor said.

“So if you can imagine what has been seized as a percentage of what has actually entered the United States you can see that a massive amount of these drugs are getting into the U.S. so much so that they could literally wipe out our entire population. So this is a threat to American cities and one that has to be taken very seriously,” he added.


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