US Senate Allows Foreign Nationals, Illegal Aliens, to Vote in Local D.C. Elections

( – Because the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate failed to block it, a new District of Columbia law will allow non-citizens — foreign nationals and illegal aliens — to vote in local elections.

The Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act allows “otherwise eligible residents” of D.C. to vote in local elections if they have lived in the city for at least 30 days.

“Non-citizens, like citizens, deserve the opportunity to have a voice in the issues that affect them and to participate in electing the representatives who make decisions on their behalf,” the D.C. Council said.

The U.S. House last month voted to rescind the District’s non-citizen voting law, but the Senate failed to act before the deadline. (The House also disapproved of a D.C. bill softening punishment for criminals; a decision on that bill now rests with the Senate.)

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) said D.C. leaders and their fellow Democrats have lost their minds:


“House Republicans — we did the job. We passed a resolution (of disapproval),” Donalds told Fox News Tuesday night, speaking about the noncitizen voting bill.

“You even had 42 Democrats vote with every House Republican to stop the insanity. But look no further than Chuck Schumer, Senate Democrats and Joe Biden, who allowed this to happen.

“So every American is wondering, why the massive flow of illegal immigrants across the southern border? One reason — look no further than the nation’s capital.

“The Senate Democrats and Joe Biden could have stopped this. House Republicans did the job. Chuck Schumer decided to do nothing. Joe Biden did nothing. And this is where we are in Washington, D.C.”

Donalds called the new D.C. voting law “a joke and a mockery of American democracy.”

And although the Senate did not block the bill, the House controls the money, so this isn’t over yet, Donalds said:

“We’re going to take a hard look at this, because this cannot be allowed to continue as if it’s just okay in the United States. No other country in the world would allow non-citizens to vote in their elections.”

What’s happening in the federal city may be a harbinger of things to come nationally: Democrats have long advocated a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens, whom they view as potential Democrat voters in the years ahead.

Since taking office, the Biden administration has done nothing to stop the record flow of illegal aliens into this country.

Laws passed by the D.C. Council must be sent to both the House and the Senate for (in this case) a 30-day review period, during which Congress may pass resolutions of disapproval, thus blocking the law.

But if both chambers don’t pass resolutions of disapproval within the allotted time frame, the bill becomes law.


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