V.P. Harris Warns of the Scourge of ‘Climate Mental Health;’ Interior Dept. Offers ‘Eco-Grief’ Workshop

“Climate mental health” is an issue plaguing young Americans, Vice President Kamala Harris claimed at a climate conference in Miami Beach, Florida on Wednesday.

In particular, students today are mentally troubled by the thought that they the education they’re currently getting might not help them to become activists once they graduate, Harris told her audience:

“They were talking about in terms of their peers trying to figure out, you know, they’re going to have to get a job and they’re gonna have to make a living — but what they can do and how can they adapt the education that they are having now to their activism?”

Today’s young leaders are also stressed out because they’re trying to understand what it would mean to start a family, Harris said, quoting a college student she’d asked to describe “climate mental health”:

“Her peers are thinking about it. And, one example is: whether when they’re ready, could they start a family. Worried about what that would mean – and the stress of it.”

Harris isn’t the only member of the Biden Administration concerned with the impact of climate on mental health.

The Interior Department has provided an eco-grief workshop to employees in the Southwest “who are struggling with a sense of trauma or loss as they witness a changing environment.”


According to The Washington Times, a notice to government employees offered the workshop to help Interior Department employees whose minds are being ravaged by “ecological grief” :

“Those who sign up will be led to ‘find ways to act while caring for themselves.’

“‘This 4-hour workshop seeks to normalize the wide range of emotional responses that conservationists experience while empowering participants to act while taking care of themselves,’ the notice said. ‘The workshop is intended for those experiencing ecological grief and for those who wish to support them.’”

Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-Wy.) has condemned the Interior Department workshop as a waste of taxpayer money and yet another example of “the insanity of wokeism,”

As for Harris’ claim, Heritage Foundation Research Fellow Delano Squire tweeted that the nation is currently being “led by some of the most fearful, neurotic, and narcissistic people in history”:

“’Climate mental health’? We are being led by some of the most fearful, neurotic, and narcissistic people in history. Pack animals typically put those types way in the back. In this country, that dysfunction is part of their appeal.”


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