VIDEO: ‘White House Coming for Free Speech Again’

In a new video, Liberty Nation News’ Socio-Political Correspondent Jeff Charles and Chief Political Correspondent Graham Noble discuss how the Biden Administration’s latest effort to censor conservative online speech may be “even more sinister” than the failed DHS Misinformation Governance Board.

Social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, already apply a double-standard to their “community standards” benchmark by allowing liberals to post the type of comments that they would censor conservatives for making, Charles and Graham note.

But, the Biden Administration doesn’t think the platforms go far enough in censoring online speech by conservatives, so it has created the new “Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse,” headed by Vice President Kamala Harris.

“It seems to be almost like a second attempt for the Biden Administration to somehow govern, or be seen to be as governing, online so-called ‘hate speech,’” Noble says, noting the administration’s failed effort to combat whatever it deems to be “disinformation”:

“And, of course, they failed with the Department of Homeland Security’s effort, which went down in flames, mostly because the person they tapped to lead that effort was, herself, notoriously guilty of spreading disinformation online.”

The new task force “has a slightly different – and, possibly, even more sinister – purpose to it,” Noble warns, because “harassment” and “abuse” are even more subjective concepts than “disinformation.”


Thus, the Biden Administration will use the task force to target any online speech that criticizes or challenges liberal precepts, such as LGBTQI+ ideology, Noble explains:

“They’re almost saying that these activists and journalists and public figures are getting some sort of special protection against – against the First Amendment, essentially – and I find that quite worrying.”


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